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Why Should I Listen To Him?
Welcome my international Facebook friends, fellow Americans and my fellow Trinidadians.

I use this forum today not to brag about my marketing skills but to share the knowledge that I have acquired and the mistakes I have made over many years of being involved in marketing. I m no Ceasar but its only now that I can appreciate the Shakespearian line “friends, Romans Country men,lend me your ears”. It’s a perfect salutation, except here I want you to lend me your eyes and mind for a few minutes so you can an understand the motivation that drives this effort.

I was born in Trinidad and spent most of my formative years here. I immigrated to the US in the early 70s and immediately joined the US Army in the era of the Vietnam conflict. Honorably discharged, I matriculated into a computer programming school in Raleigh NC and soon discovered that I was no programmer. I enrolled into the University of Massachusetts, Boston with financial assistance from Uncle Sam an…

How Does The Largest Organization In The Western Hemisphere Develop Positive Quality Of Life Ideas?

“The Summit Of The Americas”

Every few years policy makers around the hemisphere look towards the Summit of the Americas for new directions in standards of governance.

The Summit brings together 34 democratically elected leaders to analyze and discuss the problems and challenges that face our people in order to =jointly seek solutions and improve the quality of life of citizens.

The Summit of the Americas is committed to hemisphere integration and historical and collective responsibility for improving the economic well-being and secularity of our people.

Since 1884, four Summits and two special summits of the Americas have been held. They are as follows:

First Summit: Miami Florida, USA December 9-11, 1994

Special Summit on Sustainable Development: Santa Cruz de La Sierra, Bolivia December 7-8, 1996

Second Summit: Santiago Chile, Apr 18-19, 1998

Third Summit: Quebec City, Canada April 20-22, 2001

Special Summit: Monterrey, Mexico January 12-13, 2004

Forth Summit: Mar del Plata, Argentina, No…


Imagine asking me that?

The survey is over and here are the results. In a group of 48 members, at the time, 20%, responded to the 30-second survey. That 20% spoke for everyone because they represented a significant enough sample size to draw some conclusions. If you are here to learn, this was a marketing lesson.

Think about it, the first thing you should try to do is understand your market. Find out what they want and what they are doing. In fact, find out as much about them as possible. So, was the survey a success? Here is what I found out from the short 30-second survey.

I was impressed with the results and the yield. But, what must be going through your mind right now is well if only 20% of the population responded, that could not have been very successful.

Well there is a proposition advanced by neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) that questions cannot be “not answered” . Sometime we may not want to face it but the answer is always there. Think on it for a moment. When a ques…


An open invitation for you to join a Master Mind Marketing Group Online

"The process of mind-blending here described as a Master Mind, may be likened to the act of one who connects may electric batteries to a single transmission wire, thereby 'stepping up' the power flowing over that line. Each mind, through the principle of mind chemistry, stimulates all the other minds in the group, until the mind energy thus becomes so great that it penetrates to and connects with the universal energy known as ether, which, in turn, touches every atom of the entire universe.

A Master Mind may be created through the bringing together or blending, in a spirit of perfect harmony, of two or more minds. Out of this harmonious blending of the chemistry of the mind creates a third mind which be appropriated and used by one or all of the individual minds. This Master Mind will remain available as long as the friendly, harmonious alliance between the individual minds exist…


The Independent Media Producers Association of Trinidad and Tobago (IMPATT) held its first networking meeting last Saturday 21st March 21, 2009. The event was advertised on Facebook and I felt it was the perfect opportunity to do some networking. Here's what happened.

I was so impressed that as soon as I got to my computer I had to tweet “big up” with on Facebook. I thought that the coordinators did a superb job in planning the “speed networking” . At a guesstimate I would think that maybe 35-40-people attended.

In my opinion, the event was a completely innovative approach (for Trinidad) to build their database of practitioners. Simultaneously, it provided the participants with a unique opportunity to connect with others in their industry, people who could possibly assist with ongoing projects. Definitely a sweet guerilla tactic if there ever was one.

Everyone was provided with name tags with their name and area of specialty written for everyone to see. The actual network…


Invitation To Join A Master Mind Group To BrainStorm.

Are you ready? In exactly 28 days the 5th Summit of the Americas will be hosted by Trinidad and Tobago government.

The question is: As a small or medium sized business are you positioned to capitalize on this opportunity?

Think of it this way. The summit will bring literally millions of dollars into this country. Trinidad will host over 24 nations, each will have its entourage, media and literally hundreds of followers.

The US has officially announced that their delegation will be over 1000 strong. Of course that means there are immediate and obvious implications for services such as hotel accommodations, transportation, food services and alcoholic beverages. But there are some not so obvious opportunities.

As a business owner, have you given any thought to how you can use this opportunity? Can you see how as a singer, record producer, song writer, lawyer, web designer or even a fashion model could capitalize on this? This bl…

10 Ways To Grow Your Business

by Maria Gracia

Growing a business is similar to tending a vegetable garden. Knowledge, careful planning, organized systems, use of proper tools, continuous care, and dedication give you the very best chance of producing a beautiful and abundant garden that brings forth fresh veggies for years to come.

The same is true when it comes to growing your business. By following a specific sequence of steps, just like growing a garden, you can succeed. Neither can be accomplished with a haphazard approach.

Discovering how other businesses are growing, thinking through your marketing strategy, taking an organized approach, using the proper tools to get the word out and focusing on achievement will help you reach your business goals and set you on the right path towards accomplishing your greatest success.

1. Prospecting: For most services and products, it is imperative to first generate qualified prospects. Only then do you work on converting those prospects into first-time buyers, repeat cust…


Just read an article which I would have loved to share with you verbatim but its protected by copy write laws; so that’s not possible. Fortunately, ideas cannot be copy written.

The idea is that anyone can become a professional doing anything as long as they put the time into it. One example the writer used is Tiger Woods. We stand in utter awe when we see him execute a perfect shot.

We think; how in the hell did he do that?” Same thing with Brian Lara, Chandrapaul, Russel Latapy or Panday or even the notorious drug criminal who was hanged in Trinidad, Dole Chadee.

What we don’t see is the 1000s of hour they spent practicing either consciously or unconsciously working on their skills.

You see, there are four stages of learning:

Stage (1) - Unconscious Incompetence - you don't know what you don't know
Stage (2) - Conscious Incompetence - you now know what you don't know
Stage (3) - Conscious Competence - you now know it, but you must concentrate to use what you know

A Simple No-Cost Marketing Tactic for Retailers

This Guerilla Marketing retail sales tactic is simple yet very powerful and will cost little or nothing to implement. Fact is that this tip is not new. Currently 18% of businesses are using it. Unfortunately, these are major businesses like grocery chains and other larger businesses.

A whooping 82% of businesses ignore or are unaware of this potentially powerful tactic. Even when it is fully understood only 20% businesses “get it” and take action. The other 80% brush it off as a good idea.

This simple tactic is guaranteed to increase transactions by at least 4% - 18% of current sales level. It will definitely make a big difference in meeting the expense of running a business. Imagine being able to purchase more adverting, get a new employee or purchase additional inventory by implementing this simple tactic. The official marketing term is “the post sale offer.”

It requires that every sale be accompanied by an offer for another item that compliments the item purchased. For example, …

Why Did Karen Lie?

This blog is certainly not politically motivated and its definitely not going to change. But some things just need to be mentioned. Headline news today is that one of the Finance Ministers, Karen Nunez-Tesheira, has been caught in a lie that she told in Parliment. There she defended her actions with untruths and dared others to prove her wrong. Well somebody did.

The entire issues surrounds her withdrawing funds when she learned that CL Financial would fold. Forgive me if I'm wrong. But wouldn't you? I know I would. She was not responsible for the CLICO mess why should she lose money when she saw the ship sinking? There is a military saying that goes "rank has its privileges". She did what most of us would have done.

The sad thing is she lied. Blatantly and callously lied to the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago. As a Finance Minister, in a position of trust with the nation's finances, lying is a no-no. Least not when it can get to this. In my opinion she would hav…


Security Will Be Tight So Plan Accordingly.

The Fifth Summit of the Americas will be held in Port of Spain from April 17th – 19th 2009, which the 34 leaders of the nations in the Americas will attend along with their delegations. As a result of this Summit , there will be certain restrictions in Port of Spain.

13th – 16th & 20th - parking restrictions on Dock Road
15th – 20th - Caricom Jetty closed
16th – 20 - Container operations at the Port of Port of Spain halted
17th – 19th - entire Port of Port of Spain closed

It is to be expected that there will be an exclusion zone around the area where the Summit will be held, Hyatt Hotel. Given the proximity of the Hyatt Hotel to Wrightson Road it is more than likely this exclusion zone will involve the closure of Wrightson Road and is likely to also extend eastward to involve the closure of Richmond Street.

The closure of Wrightson Road will result in traffic problems in Port of Spain because this is a major traffic artery through the city and…



Understanding how every business works is important to understanding your own business. As a small business owner you wear many hats in fact sometimes you wear all the hats. Eric explains the four essential functions in a business and how you can put yourself in control of all the functions.


The Most Important Business Skill Is?

Marketing, Without it You're Toast by Frederic Blondeau

No business can exist without marketing. Everyone in business should always be marketing.

Whether you are home, at work or out on the time you should always be marketing your business. Marketing comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. In order for any business to be successful your must adopt an attitude of constant marketing. You can never stop. Think of a shark hanging out in the currents so his gills are always filled with water and oxygen. That is you as the business person. Marketing is the very breathe of your business.

Too often marketing is lumped in with sales. While it is true sales is the most important function of marketing, it is also true that it leads to the sale. You bring people to your store, website or even your social networking page through marketing. Once you get there you make the sale. This concept exists in all aspects of life. We market ourselves, our products even our friends and family. Of course, it …

Men Could You Say "I Love You" To Another Man?

I did not write a word of what you will find below but liked it so much I felt I should share with you. It is what I believe so I left everything the author said in tact, even the title below. That's a tough one if you are from the Caribbean. Enjoy.

How Unconditional Love Raises Your Internal Thermostat For Success"

Our previous message was focused on the importance of a positive
vibrational state. In summary, when we are in alignment with the
energy vibration that comes from the feelings we know we would have
when our dreams are manifest, then those dreams are manifest and
will show up. There are no exceptions although it can seem like
there are.

Unconditional love is a way to elevate your positive vibrational
energy to the stars. Being in a state of unconditional love is also
a challenge for many of us depending on what we are experiencing.

Think about this, if you are man (or if not ask one of your male
friends) how comfortable you are saying I Love You to anther male?
Consider the las…

Should Anyone Be Above The Law?

Hey look, I don't want to write this but is that man crazy. I mean it, I know that many people will disagree with me but I have always had a mind of my own and just hate to hold it inside. Think on this for a moment.

Most people are not yet aware that a draft copy of the proposed Trinidad and Tobago Constitution has begun to circulate. Well I admit it is a long boring document and I just scanned it but scanning was enough. Look, Trinidad and Tobago has problems. The crime situation is out of control. Murders are occurring at an alarming rate and basic infrastructure is lacking. Throw in a good measure of uncertain economic times and draw your own conclusions.

Did the proposed constitution address this? Well, you be the judge. In my humble opinion, our newly elected government(the same old one) is exerting tremendous energy on implementing changes to the current constitution. I agree that something should be done with the current constitution, amend, modifY to synchronize it with …