Thursday, March 19, 2009


Invitation To Join A Master Mind Group To BrainStorm.

Are you ready? In exactly 28 days the 5th Summit of the Americas will be hosted by Trinidad and Tobago government.

The question is: As a small or medium sized business are you positioned to capitalize on this opportunity?

Think of it this way. The summit will bring literally millions of dollars into this country. Trinidad will host over 24 nations, each will have its entourage, media and literally hundreds of followers.

The US has officially announced that their delegation will be over 1000 strong. Of course that means there are immediate and obvious implications for services such as hotel accommodations, transportation, food services and alcoholic beverages. But there are some not so obvious opportunities.

As a business owner, have you given any thought to how you can use this opportunity? Can you see how as a singer, record producer, song writer, lawyer, web designer or even a fashion model could capitalize on this? This blog is about guerilla marketing, marketing that takes advantage of the available resources. The Summit qualifies as an available resource.

What if you can devise a strategy to position your business to capitalize on the Summit visitors at very low/no cost?

Not every business will qualify of course but first ask yourself.

Does the business I’m in lend itself to taking advantage of short term visitors?

If the answer is no;

Is there something I could add to my services or product line to take advantage of this opportunity?

No again and you pretty much out of the game.

Or you can join me in a master mind group that will brainstorm with you online to come up with ideas for your business to capitalize on the potential opportunity. There is not guarantee that you will find a solution there may not be any but the process may trigger an out of the box solution to your problems.

So who would not want to brain storm to improve their business. Well if you own a hotel or a night club in Port of Spain you would, although it may help if you did. But if you own any other business, book sales, stationery, ice, couriers literally any business.

Unfortunately, this is not for everyone who is reading this. We have prepared a site that allows you to share information with other members of a mastermind group. In the interests of making it valuable for the participants we have opened up 10 spots for individual businesses people.

There, we hope to stimulate your creative juices and get you to start thinking outside the box a little. We will also suggests strategies to position your company to capitalize on the opportunity.

This is by invitation only and you must agree and adhere to some basic ground rules before being allowed access to the site.

Although this is targeted to businesses in Trinidad, anyone who can provide meaningful contribution is welcomed. If you are interested please either leave a comment below or contact me by email or on Facebook.

There is no cost associated with this Master Mind Group.

Visit the site for 5TH SUMMIT OF THE AMERICAS

Thank you and be well.


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