Men Could You Say "I Love You" To Another Man?

I did not write a word of what you will find below but liked it so much I felt I should share with you. It is what I believe so I left everything the author said in tact, even the title below. That's a tough one if you are from the Caribbean. Enjoy.

How Unconditional Love Raises Your Internal Thermostat For Success"

Our previous message was focused on the importance of a positive
vibrational state. In summary, when we are in alignment with the
energy vibration that comes from the feelings we know we would have
when our dreams are manifest, then those dreams are manifest and
will show up. There are no exceptions although it can seem like
there are.

Unconditional love is a way to elevate your positive vibrational
energy to the stars. Being in a state of unconditional love is also
a challenge for many of us depending on what we are experiencing.

Think about this, if you are man (or if not ask one of your male
friends) how comfortable you are saying I Love You to anther male?
Consider the last time you heard about a tragedy. Could be abuse,
murder or some other act against life's right to live in freedom
and peace. Imagine being able to say I Love You to the cause of
that act which is opposite your value system.

Here is the lesson and opportunity for us all. Understanding we are
all one at the level of Source energy is very helpful. In our
culture and belief system we have many names for this Source
including, God and Divine Energy. Every resource book in the
Manifest Mastermind library refers to this Oneness and one in
particular spends quite a few pages on this topic.

The book Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch provide
great insight as well as the books by Esther and Jerry Hicks. The
Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton may help those who would like more
scientific evidence of our Source energy.

Once you believe Oneness in the literal sense meaning you
understand that the Divine Source Energy is in all then it is easy
to express and feel the words "I Love You" because we are
expressing that love for the Divine Source energy in another even
while possibly being repulsed by the physical act of that person.

You have just received very important information. By practicing
the deep feeling of I Love You for another regardless of their
appearance and actions you will naturally raising your vibrational
level. You have heard "what goes around comes around." In this
instance we are sending out positive vibrations when we say I Love
You even if it is silent. As you learned these positive vibrations
are multiplied and come back to us.

Practice I Love You. If you are a man, go ahead and tell another
man I Love You. Get out of your comfort zone. Women do this also
but normally this seems easier for woman. Also the next time hear
of a story or see something that is just not right, send love to
essence of the people involved.

Manifest Mastermind teaches and provide you all the tools,
processes and resources for you to transform your life. It is your
responsibility to follow the guidance to allow your pure
potentiality to flow free without the blocks of fear, stress, anger
and other negative emotions.

When you are in the positive vibrational state, then you are in the
best place to help another achieve what they want and allow the
multiplier effect to kick into high gear. You'll have the cooperation of
the Universe. You simply have to play your role.

We look forward to sharing more with you!

Enjoy the energy of peace, happiness, prosperity sent you!

Brian Campbell, Steve Pohlit
Manifest Mastermind

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