The Most Important Business Skill Is?

Marketing, Without it You're Toast by Frederic Blondeau

No business can exist without marketing. Everyone in business should always be marketing.

Whether you are home, at work or out on the time you should always be marketing your business. Marketing comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. In order for any business to be successful your must adopt an attitude of constant marketing. You can never stop. Think of a shark hanging out in the currents so his gills are always filled with water and oxygen. That is you as the business person. Marketing is the very breathe of your business.

Too often marketing is lumped in with sales. While it is true sales is the most important function of marketing, it is also true that it leads to the sale. You bring people to your store, website or even your social networking page through marketing. Once you get there you make the sale. This concept exists in all aspects of life. We market ourselves, our products even our friends and family. Of course, it is not to actually sell them or us but to sell our attributes. That's the same thing with marketing products or services. The old saying goes you market the sizzle and sell the steak.

The sizzle in marketing is anything surrounding the product or service. They why's and wherefore's of why you should consider the product or service and why it should be bought from you. Once hooked the sale is all about the product or service itself. Everything is the result of marketing. There are so many ways to market and trying all of them will behoove you. It can be as simple as telling someone about your business and as complicated as developing a media barrage. And, it can cost nothing or a lot depending on your goal. Getting the right mix may be tough but once you have it down your business will prosper.

It doesn't matter how you do business or what kind of business you are in you absolutely need marketing to be successful. Online or in the real world a good solid ever changing marketing plan will keep you on the right track for the best business growth and profitability. Back in the old days it wasn't as needed due to the scarcity of goods but now with some many options for consumers marketing is needed to differentiate the seller and the product from everyone else in the market place.



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