Monday, March 2, 2009

Should Anyone Be Above The Law?

Hey look, I don't want to write this but is that man crazy. I mean it, I know that many people will disagree with me but I have always had a mind of my own and just hate to hold it inside. Think on this for a moment.

Most people are not yet aware that a draft copy of the proposed Trinidad and Tobago Constitution has begun to circulate. Well I admit it is a long boring document and I just scanned it but scanning was enough. Look, Trinidad and Tobago has problems. The crime situation is out of control. Murders are occurring at an alarming rate and basic infrastructure is lacking. Throw in a good measure of uncertain economic times and draw your own conclusions.

Did the proposed constitution address this? Well, you be the judge. In my humble opinion, our newly elected government(the same old one) is exerting tremendous energy on implementing changes to the current constitution. I agree that something should be done with the current constitution, amend, modifY to synchronize it with changes in our society and our economy. But that's not whats happening.

OK, I think if I have any bias it would be from another perspective. I belong to the PNM party group in my community. The party of the ruling government. And I don't agree. I realize that this is a draft proposal but it is the basis on which the country will be ruled. If it starts here; where will it end up? In fact, I glad that I am a low level member in the Party and I maybe a lone voice but it will be heard. Like someone said, "I'm a supporter, not a fanatic". In the constituency meetings I must hold my tongue, but there is no reason to do it here.

Could be that I'm stupid for thinking that because the country's major priority is crime. This problem will NOT solve itself. In my opinion everything else should be less important. Hey, WAKE UP people (WE) are dying here, 100 in 60 days. Only 8 murders "solved". Is that acceptable? Take a quick scan of the proposed draft constitution and give me your opinion.

There are a couple paragraphs on the Witness Protection Program, small paragraphs. Knowing that one of the biggest weaknesses in our court system are cases where fear rules the testimony of witnesses, especially in criminal cases involving murder. You would think that any change in the constitution would deal with issues related to protecting witnesses and beefing up the security afforded. See how that is addressed.

But if you read between the lines you will discover something interesting. Our draft constitution is about crime. Its about empowering another human being to live above the law for as long as he lives. Is that Chevez thing contagious?

The major proposed changes is about creating a position that in effect immunizes this supreme human being from prosecution for criminal or civil offences. I'm not here to judge but to ask tht you participate in this process. See for yourself, you don't have to read the whole thing it might put you to sleep. Its a pdf doc you will need abode pdf reader. To speed up the process see the table of content on the issues raised here. Take a quick look and you tell me.

The link is a pdf document is: THE DRAFT CONSTITUTION

Or just take my word for it. But if you are a Trini to D bone now is the time to stand up and be counted. You are now front and center. What do you say?

Opposing opinions are gratefully accepted. We all have one but are we willing to share it. Its not just for sitting on.

Be well

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