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T&T Tobacco Companies Blantantly Ignore Tobacco Laws

Did You Know That Single Cigarette Should Only Be Sold In Wrappers Labeled: "SMOKING IS DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH"

In 2009, the Trinidad and Tobago Government passed the Tobacco Control Act of 2009, and in 2013 additional Regulations strengthened the Act.

Ostensibly the regulations were added because a number of studies highlighted per capita rate of  Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Trinidad and Tobago.

Treatment of NCDs has a direct cost investment in the maintenance of health and life. The cost of this destructive habit does not end with the high cost of cigarettes.  Quiting smoking can reduce incidence of potential ailments like heart attack, cancer, strokes.

The purpose of the act was to accomplish the following:
1.Protect citizens from exposure to tobacco smoke,
2.Prevent smoking by young people,
3.To restrict promotional activities by tobacco manufacturers,
4.Improve public awareness of the dangers of tobacco use, and
5.Ensure that consumers are provided with enoug…

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Sorry Trinidad Express, We Need Real News

Why Mama I Switching To The Trinidad Guardian

"Tonz, did you get my newspaper?".

My mother called out to me as she usually do every morning. She is a new junkie, an addict to news; newspaper. TV and radio.  Recently, she figured out how to get more news on her smart phone.

In my humble opinion, citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, along with the rest of the world were all totally blown away when Donald Trump won the elections in the US.

We in the Caribbean, loved Obama and anything he say we should do, we do.  If he ran in the Caribbean he would lose.

Since then, the Trinidad Express has been milking the elections. Almost like creating news from speculations. The Donald said that as soon as he took office he will be deporting over 11 million illegal aliens.

The Express kept busting headlines, one after the other, almost as if they want to make the populace jittery about what Trump will do when he takes office in January.

Here's the headline story for yesterday Trump To Depor…

Is It Because We Don't Understand China?


3rd World War - America vs China

Alarmist or Real Possibility?

When you are aware of the possibilities there are no surprises.

What affect would a war between America and China have on the Caribbean?

The affects would be very adverse to every Caribbean island from Cuba to Trinidad and Tobago.

Remember we are all hosts and owe significant sums to the Chinese.  Read a past post "Is China Colonizing The Caribbean?"

We have allowed the Chinese to become entrenched in every community.

Their modus operandi for smooth almost invisible infiltration are restaurants, grocery stores.

Lately, in Trinidad, you can't swing a dead dog without hitting a Chinese restaurant; they are sprouting up everywhere faster than tomatoes.

That is where it started, in the last few years, the have gone into the grocery food business. Large supermarkets have also began to spout up everywhere.

The real question that most of us are not asking is.

How could a Chinese immigrant who cannot even speak English, come to Trinidad and ope…