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Why Should I Listen To Him?
Welcome my international Facebook friends, fellow Americans and my fellow Trinidadians.

I use this forum today not to brag about my marketing skills but to share the knowledge that I have acquired and the mistakes I have made over many years of being involved in marketing. I m no Ceasar but its only now that I can appreciate the Shakespearian line “friends, Romans Country men,lend me your ears”. It’s a perfect salutation, except here I want you to lend me your eyes and mind for a few minutes so you can an understand the motivation that drives this effort.

I was born in Trinidad and spent most of my formative years here. I immigrated to the US in the early 70s and immediately joined the US Army in the era of the Vietnam conflict. Honorably discharged, I matriculated into a computer programming school in Raleigh NC and soon discovered that I was no programmer. I enrolled into the University of Massachusetts, Boston with financial assistance from Uncle Sam and graduated with a B Sc. Business Management & Marketing.

Upon, graduation I immediately returned to Trinidad and took up an assignment with the Alexander Proudfoot Co. a Miami based consulting company. That assignment turned into permanent employment with their client, the now defunct National Commercial Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. Three years later I was back in Boston.

I think that I was fortunate to have had the cultural experience and citizenship of two very progressive countries. Well, one imitates the other and I have been told that Trinidad is considered “little America” the jury is still out on that one.

I’m telling you all this so that you understand that although I now live in Trinidad and like we say “Trini to D bone”, I also have an American perspective and I must add that it’s not a conservative Bostonian perspective. I returned to Trinidad in 2007. Since I have been back I have…

• Co-authored, self published and marketed an educational aid entitled “Caribbean Student Daily Organizer”.
• Developed a marketing plan for a construction company
• Directed the marketing of a school for slow learners
• Developed marketing strategies for one of the largest suppliers of building supplies in Trinidad.
• Developed and directed marketing strategies for an automotive training school
• Developed, created and sold a merchant coupon program in two business centers
• Developed and delivered “Basic Sales Training” course for retailers
• Presently marketing a GPS tracking device to businesses and individuals

I'm also,

* President of my community's Village Council
* Vice-President of the current government's PNM Party Group A supporter not a fanatic.
* Member Aster Foundation Of Trinidad & Tobago

I share what I've done with you so that you know that I’m a doer. I do not just write about good ideas that I read about. You being here means that you are also a doer. I'm assuming that your the only reason you joined is to learn about marketing. But I digress.

That’s the condense version of who I am. Stick around, participate share a little about yourself. This could be an interesting experience.


This blog/group is not about me but I think that it’s important you know who I am. I feel like a broken record but I must play it again “I’m not a marketing guru” and will never make that claim. I prefer to be known as a dedicated marketing student learning by sharing, articulating ideas and taking action in the market.

To be clear, the purpose of this group is to share basic marketing strategies from a Caribbean perspective; particularly a Trinidad/American perspective. Ideas that can help you understand marketing so that if and when you are called upon to do it, you understand what it means and where you should begin.

If that’s not what you expected, it’s understandable and I will not take offense if you decide to leave. If you do, I hope we can still remain FB friends. I have quite a few other Facebook friends who have absolutely no interest in marketing.

This Guerilla Marketing Group was started last December ’08 with the specific intent of providing the Trinidad and Tobago network with guerilla marketing information. The decision to take this group international was prompted by a short survey conducted last month. See the post on the survey if you are interested.

Reviewing the members list of people who have joined recently I must admit it’s truly an inspiration. I see friends who I have known for years; on line as well as off. I see people who I have made a special effort to align myself with because I admired not only their success using marketing skills but their willingness to share. I also see new Facebook friends who I know absolutely nothing about and who prior to this knew nothing about me except for what’s on the Facebook profile. More importantly I see a group of people interested in marketing enough to join this group.

To link to this group on Facebook profile. Go to the Guerilla Marketing Group.

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Thank you for reading all this, have a productive week.

As always be well.


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