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Getting Old Is Now An Option

A New Discovery That May Actually Work

This is so unique I just had to share it with you. Do you know that medical science has discovered the "secret to the fountain of youth".

What if you could stop the aging process?

I know it sounds weird and impossible but I just received a sales letter from an online source. This is no spammer trying to push a product, this is an upstanding member of the internet marketing community who I will not mention because I do not have his permission.

I respect this marketer and trust his endorsement of any product. He will not sell his reputation with a cheap shot to make a few bucks. I know this because I have been a follower of his practice for a number of years. He is genuine,and maybe it is because I am a satisfied customer for one of his products; which I still use. I don't mind helping him because I share his mission. But here is the deal...

I'm not attempting to sell nor I'm I an affiliate of the anti-aging product he recomme…

Please... Not Another Email Browser? (Review)

Is there anyone in the world who needs an email browsers? If your answer is yes, you are very new to the Internet and soon will be sucked in by Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail before you ever hear about Peoplestirng.

I have attached a video below that explains what Peoplesting is all about. It is, without a doubt, one of the most unusual email browsers available on the net today. So revolutionary that it begs the question; who really needs it?

Even if it does some amazing tricks; does it means you would have to stop using your present browser and sign up to Peoplesting? What does it do?

Recall emails. Have you ever wished that you could recall an email? Personally, I have, but survived even if I could not recall it. Would that make you jump on it? I don't think so. In my humble opinion if I think of recalling an email, I just would'nt send it. Would you?

OK the service is free but so are most other email services on the net. Why should that entice anyone to use Peoplestring? It is …

Net Marketing Is a Science, Not an Art Form

"Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success."
Pablo Picasso

By David Cross

Only the faint tick of the grandfather clock broke the silence as I waited for him to acknowledge my presence. He'd summoned me to his office to discuss the great idea I'd outlined in a memo only last week. So new in the company, yet already meeting with the Managing Director!

After a few moments, he lifted his head from what he'd been working on, reached across his desk, and picked up two sheets of paper between his thumb and forefinger. My memo!

"The idea itself is interesting and not devoid of merit," he said. "But then you fail to provide me with even a mediocre marketing plan or a smidgen of meaningful data to back it up. Do not ever waste my time again in this way."

With that, he ripped my memo in half and dropped it in the trash.

Precisely five …

Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Team Won, The Country Lost

The Underdogs Surprised Everyone, Especially Their Own Supporters

You can't expect to hit the jackpot if you don't put a few nickels in the machine.

YAHOO and CONGRATULATIONS goes out to the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket team. They kicked some exciting ass in Airtel Cricket Championship India; makes me beam with pride. During the last week or so they have gained a first round victory over Somerset, an English team, the Deccan Chargers, an India team and yesterday they tackled and soundly beat New South Wales, an Australian team in a finger biting match that came with a surprise and trilling ending.

I would be the first to admit, I’m no cricket fan but what I witnessed yesterday was something to write home about. Every Trinidadian in every corner of the world should be proud of their team. To appreciate this supremely delectable moment the almost impossible feat they accomplished must be put into perspective.

Trinidad and Tobago has an official population of 1.3 million peop…

Forget baseball--THIS is a true "Major League"!

Why learn from one guru when you can have 53 in your corner?

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. -Benjamin Disraeli

The internet is big but no one else anywhere has ever had access to this caliber, quality, desirable collection of famous, prominent, brilliant real-life experts
that we've assembled. No one else has even come remotely close. And the interesting thing is that none is selling anything in these interview sessions.

All are sharing brilliant, ingenious, masterful and outright amazing ideas, concepts, strategies, recommendations and guidance never before available anywhere in any way or at any price. Two of marketing's top players just brought 53 of the business world’s finest expert minds together for a six-week long, brain trust experiment that’s unprecedented anywhere else in the business world.

The League of Extraordinary Minds brings together power-house panels of experts all specializing in one major business building sk…

Are You One Of The People Who Know Very Little About Advertising Leverage?

It Would Not Cost You A Penny To Learn More

If you want to get somewhere you have to know where you want to go and how to get there. Then never, never, never give up. -Norman Vincent Peale

Every mass media advertising strategy you implement could be leveraged to the power of n.

Unfortunately, most business people are not even aware of… or if they are, it’s too much work to implement, some very simple, basic strategies that can maximize the impact of their investment in each ad.

It’s easy to just develop an ad or have it developed, publish it and see what happens. It’s like fishing.

Ad agencies and people who sell advertising perpetuate the myth that “you can never know the results you will get, doing it frequently is the only way to know, at a minimum a few weeks”.

Advertising experts like Claude Hopkins totally disagree as you can learn from his classic book Scientific Advertising.

The reality is that a bad ad will perform as poorly on day 1 as it would on day 100. It means noth…

Generate Thousands Of Unique Visitors With An Old Ad Strategy; In a New Medium

Read This If You Own A Web Site, Blog Or You're An Affiliate Marketer

Not to beat around the bush on this, the tactic is online co-op advertising. Traditionally, this is an offline strategy used by large manufacturers to reduce ad costs by dividing it between two or more parties.

Usually, these programs are offered by manufacturers to their wholesalers or retailers, as a means of encouraging those parties to advertise the product. It is also known as co-op programs.

Now transfer that system on line where there are literally millions of online businesses trying to promote a variety of programs. Imagine a network of site owners agreeing to post your ad on their sites. The cost of the ad spaces are spread throughout the network. That is an online co-op advertising program.

Now think of what it would cost to get your site in front of 100,000 visitors. Online advertising expenses can easily go into the thousands, just ask Google. In fact most sites will not see that many visitors…