Generate Thousands Of Unique Visitors With An Old Ad Strategy; In a New Medium

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Not to beat around the bush on this, the tactic is online co-op advertising. Traditionally, this is an offline strategy used by large manufacturers to reduce ad costs by dividing it between two or more parties.

Usually, these programs are offered by manufacturers to their wholesalers or retailers, as a means of encouraging those parties to advertise the product. It is also known as co-op programs.

Now transfer that system on line where there are literally millions of online businesses trying to promote a variety of programs. Imagine a network of site owners agreeing to post your ad on their sites. The cost of the ad spaces are spread throughout the network. That is an online co-op advertising program.

Now think of what it would cost to get your site in front of 100,000 visitors. Online advertising expenses can easily go into the thousands, just ask Google. In fact most sites will not see that many visitors in 10 years.

Now imagine your ad on the sites of 10,000 other websites. There owners have agreed to put it there, first your ad would have the attention of these site owners because they are a part of the co-op program. They will view your ad every time they review their own site. Each is a potential customer.

But that’s just the gravy, remember that as these site owners promote their particular products or services they are also exposing your offer to every one that visits their site. So let’s assume, as an example, that each site owner gets an average of 4000 visitors a month (most exceeds that, some log in over 100,000 visitors per month).

Conservatively, your ad would be exposed to potentially 40,000 prospects in a month or to put that in perspective 480,000 visitors a year. That is being really conservative and not counting the 10,000 site owners who can also be potential clients.

There is really no need to explain the value such a program would bring to you until you understand what investment is required to become a member of such a co-op program.

As could be expected, there are not many of this type of program on the internet. Fortunately, I stumbled upon one a few months ago signed up to get more information and promptly forgot about it. I was totally taken by surprise when I received a phone call from a woman with a hard to pronounce first name, last name Fox.

Ms. Fox said early in the conversation: “People call me Foxy, its easier”. She explained the details of the co-op advertising program then asked: “So what part of the States are you in?”

I laughed. I was actually anticipating that when I told her she would say; “Oh I’m sorry” and hang up. “Trinidad and Tobago” I said. There was a deafening silence. Then she said “Where’s that?”

“In the Caribbean my dear Foxy, an island right off the coast of Venezuela” I answered. “Remember the Summit of the Americas?” I added. “The what?” she responded.

Ooops I thought. Now is the time for me to start asking the questions.
She was a customer service representative for Roderick’s Place out of Silicon Valley, California. She had sent me an email and was following up on it. That impressed me.

Roderick’s Place is an established brick and mortar publishing outfit currently publishing 3 hard copy magazines. They launched their online business program only after the down turn in the US economy. I was intrigued by the unique selling proposition for the new business model.

Since my conversation with Foxy, I have spoken at length with Roderick himself. His goal, as he has posted on his website, is “to help 1000 people anywhere in the world make $1000 a week”. He is seeking out managers globally having already recruited coverage in all but 4 of the 52 states.

The company launched the co-op advertising model I explained above. It is still being tweaked but a little twist was added that brought out the uniqueness of his business model. I think this is when my ears peaked up. The twist is that as a member, even a free member, you could get paid for sharing the site with other website owners.

Actually, I liked that. So many programs on the net want you to pull out your credit card before you can open the bag to see the cat. It happened to me, bought more than one smart cat home that was nothing as was promised. So why did I tell you all that?

Duh, I want you to go check out Roderick’s Place, listen to his story. Take your time, he has a lot of information there. He has developed his own marketing program that includes online training.

According to his estimates, he can drive over 6 millions visitors a year to your site with his co-op ad program. Seriously, from my perspective, if he delivers 25% of what he promises,

I would save in advertising in one year could potentially be my entire advertising budget for the next 5 years. But wait till you see what Roderick’s yearly advertising fee is, it will literally amaze you.

Go back to school. Web Traffic School

I’m not sure he would call you but sign-up; he just may.

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