Please... Not Another Email Browser? (Review)

Is there anyone in the world who needs an email browsers? If your answer is yes, you are very new to the Internet and soon will be sucked in by Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail before you ever hear about Peoplestirng.

I have attached a video below that explains what Peoplesting is all about. It is, without a doubt, one of the most unusual email browsers available on the net today. So revolutionary that it begs the question; who really needs it?

Even if it does some amazing tricks; does it means you would have to stop using your present browser and sign up to Peoplesting? What does it do?

Recall emails. Have you ever wished that you could recall an email? Personally, I have, but survived even if I could not recall it. Would that make you jump on it? I don't think so. In my humble opinion if I think of recalling an email, I just would'nt send it. Would you?

OK the service is free but so are most other email services on the net. Why should that entice anyone to use Peoplestring? It is a royal pain in the butt to change email addresses. Plus its not likely that you'll find anyone on the net without an email address.

According to the home page you can make money using this service. Exactly how that's done is explained on the site. That money making feature would attract many users because it's passive income. There are tons of opportunity seekers who would love the idea of making money with an email browser.

Thing is though, many people don't care about making money like that. Most would rather be carried away feet first from their current email browser be it Yahoo, Gmail, Hot mail or AOL. That is just human nature. But there is more...

Now this is interesting, imagine emails that can be made to self destruct after being opened. Very useful feature that can be set in specific time spans from 15 seconds to 2 minutes. Which means the emails cannot be too long.

Imagine, a scenario, you are James Bond, you are sending a very short message to another spy which must self destruct in 30 seconds. It cannot be forwarded and no record is left of that message. If you are into espionage it's perfect.

As a marketer, the next feature is particularly attractive, "trackable emails" is something every marketer could use. Unfortunately, most marketers want bulk email mailers that are trackable and cannot effectively use browsers that are designed to send single emails.

It is however, very useful in cases where it is important to know if someone opens an email. Gives you an opportunity to say "gotcha you lied". Because you can tell the day and time it was picked it up. A sure fire way to ruin an email relationship. You think?

Bottom line, would you switch email browsers to use this service? In my opinion, absolutely not but...

It could become a very useful tool as an add on email resource to be used when necessary. Personally, I think it is worth adding it to your arsenal of internet tools.

Take a few minutes and look at the CEO of Peoplestring, Darin Myman, on a PR blitz to get Peoplestring recognized. (Note: if you are on FB the video may not appear. Go to the original blog post here Caribbean Blogger

To visit Peoplestring you will be requested to enter a user name you can either sign up or use the home button to find out more.

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