Forget baseball--THIS is a true "Major League"!

Why learn from one guru when you can have 53 in your corner?

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. -Benjamin Disraeli

The internet is big but no one else anywhere has ever had access to this caliber, quality, desirable collection of famous, prominent, brilliant real-life experts
that we've assembled. No one else has even come remotely close. And the interesting thing is that none is selling anything in these interview sessions.

All are sharing brilliant, ingenious, masterful and outright amazing ideas, concepts, strategies, recommendations and guidance never before available anywhere in any way or at any price. Two of marketing's top players just brought 53 of the business world’s finest expert minds together for a six-week long, brain trust experiment that’s unprecedented anywhere else in the business world.

The League of Extraordinary Minds brings together power-house panels of experts all specializing in one major business building skill. In each session, these different panels will talk about the most important profitability issues, challenges and questions your business is facing and they provide the most actionable answers, ideas and solution you've gotten from anyone, anywhere, ever before.

There is one panel consists of seven world famous marketers: Another has six celebrated mega-bestselling business authors. Another has internationally renowned legendary mastery in dealing with business competitors. Still, another is a legendary master icon in the field of persuasion and infamous prominent consulting-giants who charge $250,000 a day to share their prized perspectives.

Each expert has agreed to participate on a specialized panel interview that will run almost two full hours long. Every minute worth of uniquely original, highly innovative breakthrough approaches is packed with fresh new ideas for business owners, like you, to start using, right away.

These experts included the top minds on consultative selling in the country. They include, probably, the foremost entrepreneurial expert on trends and consumer motivation stimulator that work best, too! They have the man, considered by the business press to be the GRAND, grand-master of sales psychology on the panel. They have the five top thought leaders on innovation, optimization and creative collaboration, all together on another panel.

They have the most celebrated "online-selling" marketing authorities of all time on two separate panels. They have three of the top selling books in history. They have other unexpected, surprise guest, here, who has written 33 best selling business books. You all know and admire HIS powerful mind and ideas. But, I doubt if you ever had direct access to the man’s latest thinking --- for nothing.

Each expert that they'll interview has the distinction of being THE absolute "top”" mind in their field. These are not lightweights. They earn seven, eight figures for what they know. They're respected buy the biggest leading company, the world over.

They each have either identified, uncovered, deciphered or invented more business breakthrough strategies, concepts, techniques or approaches than anyone else in their space.

--These are the people admire worldwide --- having them help YOU devise breakthrough thinking and approaches for your business is an epic opportunity. That’s why Rich and Jay named their project, “The League of Extraordinary Minds”.

Jay and Rich have purposely put this group of extraordinary business minds together and focused each expert’s content on ideas and advice that will quickly help any business out there that’s suffering from:

* Poor marketing * No distinction or preemptive advantage * Ineffective sales efforts * Poor marketing message * Lack of credibility, trust in marketplace * Limited capital to market.

They've also promised to focus specific interview panels in this six week experiment on: these problems:

* Too common type product/service
* No strong benefits to buyers
* Massive competition
* Mature business
* Weakly performing start-up
* Economy-caused drop in business
* Lower response rates from “on and offline” advertising
* Promotions not pulling well
* Prospects not converting like you want them to
* Margins eroding
* Old way of doing business no longer works.

Why not see if Jay and Rich’s League of Extraordinary Minds six week experiment interview Brain can be just the solution you're after? Remember, it’s totally yours, gratis, for the entire six week experiment/try-out period.

That means hundreds of thousands of people won't get to hear any of those nine interviews, because they won't get inside fast enough.

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