Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Most Outlandish, Crude & Sexy Trinidad Carnival In History

Was This The Lewdest Carnival In History of Trinidad and Tobago?

That's what the pillars of society are telling the population in hindsight. Religious leaders, politicians and many other civic organizations have put in their two cents.

They objected to the media, both print and television for showing all the lewdness without regards for the children in the society.  Gyrating pictures of Carnival masqueraders or people in fetes, they are pictures of people "enjoying themselves" letting go of the normal inhibitions. A controversy now rages in the country.

According to the web analytics, most of the returning visitors to the Caribbean Blogger are foreigners. Many belong to the global diaspora with the highest number in the United States but they also are in Russia, India, China, Singapore and other far off lands.  As such, most of you must have missed the Carnival,

Today you can share in the controversial slice of the 2014 Carnival Celebration in Port of Spain.
View the video below, look at it with an objective eye.  Think about what your local friends, where ever you are, would you share it as an example of how Trinibagonian enjoy Carnival?  Have our sense of morals and ethics degenerated to this level of behavior in a desperate attempt to get momentary attention of onlookers?.

These are some of the questions being asked in Trinidad and Tobago today.  People are talking about this, and maybe in a few days something else will hug the headlines but even if forgetten for now, it will be revisited annually.  Was this ever an issue? Why now?

Will it get worse? Will the society continue to accept the demonstrations of lewd and lascivious public  behavior without any controls?  The "Carnival Spirit" is offered as an excuse for their behavior. There are other odorous spirits we know that are always involved; we volunteer to succumb to these spirits.  On politician suggested that it only happens on Carnival, so it just might be OK.

Listen to the tunes that is played to encourage the behavior, it is not just the women behavior they are just doing what the music instructs them to do.  The fact is if it's legal to give these sort of instructions in a song and being played on the radios and on the road, what are people expected to do. Few can stand still after
throwing back a couple and catching the "Spirit".

You be the judge...

Take a look and leave your comments if you dare, it could even be anonymous. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Calypso Monarch - Pink Panther Loses Everything

"Chucky" Takes The Crown

Competition was hot but in the end Roderick "Chucky" Gordon took the grand prize, he is the new Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago.

He took the title from Pink Panther who ended up at 11th place. In retrospect, and to be honest, Pink Panther, last year's Calypso Monarch put up a weak fight in defending his crown. His first tune "D Richest Man"was told the audience about the difference between the death of a poor man and a rich man. His message will not be repeated here because it is what everyone already knows; dead is dead. His prop was to dress as a poor man complete with wrinkled shirt, a pair of floppy slippers, and one pant leg missing.  My question was; why didn't he choose a rich man costume?  It has only been 12 months since he won a million dollars. Bad advice, if he did get any, he was destined to lose it all as he did.

Hear The Champion...

Chucky's renditions of "Wey Yuh Think" and "Wedding Of De Century" took the crown in the eyes of the judges and the public Digicel text-in campaign. Here are the two winning renditions...

In his last delivery, Chucky celebrated the marriage of Soca and Chutney music in the "Wedding". This idea of the integration of the culture is important to the development of our country at a time when politicians seems bent on ripping it apart.  It is good that it was recognized by the judges and the people as a message that is worth to be noted.  To demonstrate the marriage he arranged to have icons come on stage and openly endorse the concept: for Chutney; Drupatee Ramgoonai, representing Soca; Superblue and Pan; Ray Holman.

Take a lesson and get the subliminal message...

Kurt Allen placed second and Selvon "Mistah Shak" Noel third at the Dimanche Gras at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain, late Sunday night.

Kurt Allen was the Island Man when he sung "Sweet Sizzling Summer" then delivered a super performance with his second tune "The Lost Psalm Of King David".  'The Last Badjohn of Calypso' was at his best, his performance was outstanding.

Even though he was denied the first place, he has earned a permanent stamp in any true history book on calypso.  True to his name, The "Last Badjohn of Calypso" is fighting his way to the top, now it's only one step to the coveted Monarch position.  He will be even better next year if he competes.

Noel was equally good in his delivery of "Bois" and "Crime Round De Clock".

I also thought that "Bodyguard" should have been much higher ranked in performance, but the judges did not agree.  He was last in the bunch, maybe because of his controversial rendition "False Papers"

The level of the competition was excellet with Brian London (5th), Victoria "Queen Victoria" Cooper (6th) and Dr Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool (4th), all delivering high standard performances.

The first, second and third received cash prizes of $1,000,000, $500,000 and $250,000, respectively.

The Mighty Sparrow, Dr Slinger Francisco came on as an invited guest..

The "Birdie", entertained the crowd with a spirited medley of past hits "Jean & Dinah", "The Lizard", "Melda" and "Drunk and Disorderly", to which patrons applauded lustily in appreciation.


1. Roderick "Chucky" Gordon - 'Wey Yuh Think"/"Wedding Of De Century"

2. Kurt Allen - "Sweet Sizzling Summer"/"The Lost Psalm Of King David"

3. Selvon "Mistah Shak" Noel - "Bois"/"Crime Round De Clock"

4. Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool - "Ah Miss De Bards"/"De Guest List"

5. Brian London - "The Heart Of A Warrior"/"Call Dem Out"

6. Victoria "Queen Victoria" Cooper - "Political Love Affair"/"Congo Warrior"

7. Alana Sinnette - "Sea Lots"/"And Calling It Rain"

8. Weston "Cro Cro" Rawlins - "Pious, Poor But Proud"/"Goodness Delayed"

9. Carlos "Skatie" James - "Calypso Woman"/"Jack And Jill"

10. Myron "The Incredible Myron B" Bruce - "One More Sip"/"First Black Prime Minister"

11. Eric "Pink Panther" Taylor - "De Richest Man"/"Not Tonight"

12. Roger "Bodyguard" Mohammed - "Aloes Vendor"/"False Papers"

Do you agree with the results?  Did the winner surprise you?   Express your opinions?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Phase Two Beat Their Way To The Top Again In 2014

Panorama Champions Twice In A Row

They did it again, beat a tune that the judges loved.

Petrotrin Phase Two Pan Groove now holds the title in the Large Band category. in the 2014 National Panorama finals at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain, on Saturday.

All eleven finalists trilled the crowd of thousands.

The Medium Band category, Pan Elders beat out the defending champion Buccooneers Steel Orchestra of Tobago.

See the results with the scores below...

Large Band

1. Petrotrin Phase Two Pan Groove = "Jump High" - 287

2. Trinidad All Stars - "Excitement" - 286
3. Bp Renegades - "In De Minor" - 283
4. Desperadoes - "Spankin-A Tribute" - 281
5. Exodus - "Pan Is Carnival" - 279
6. Silver Stars - "The Reason" - 274
7. Invaders - "Jam It" - 271
7. Skiffle - "The Wedding" - 271
9. Fonclaire - "Big In De Dance" - 267
10. Tropical Angel Harps - "In De Minor" - 262
10. La Brea Nightingales - "Pan In The Atmosphere" - 262

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Groovy Soca Monarch Winners 2014

2014 Groovy Soca Monarch Winners with videos of the winners, some perormances.  Presented in order of placement in the Groovy segment...

Groovy Soca Monarch

1. Kerwin Du Bois - "Too Real"

2. Machel Montano - "Happiest Man Alive"

3. Darryl "Farmer Nappy" Henry - "Big People Party"

4. Destra Garcia - "First Time"

Power Soca Monarch Results 2014

2014 Power Soca Monarch Results In Order of Placement With Videos

Hot competition this Year.  This year I opted to stay home and take it in on the TV. Bad move,  Instead of it starting at 8PM as advertised it started at 10PM and by that time my head was in lala land. Anyhow, still wanted to post the results for the foreign readers who usually check it out. Youtube videos of the winning tunes when available. 

The Results

Power Soca Monarch

First Place. Machel Montano - :Ministry Of The Road"

Second Place: Hollice "Mr Kill@" Mapp - "Rolly Polly"

Tied Second Place. Neil Iwer George - "Mama Oye"

Tied Second Place. Destra Garcia - "Mash Up"

Friday, February 28, 2014

All Competition Lineup 2014 Carnival

International Soca MonarchGroovy and Power categories, the King and Queens of Carnival competition, National Panorama Finals and the National Calypso Monarch.


Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Musings 2014

Some May Agree & Others Not... This is one perception of the affect of Carnival on T&T

This post has nothing to do with pan, calypso or chutney music but Carnival and the mentality that surrounds the Carnival celebrations.  It's looking at Carnival from a distinct perspective. 

Sex & Carnival Babies

 If your birthday falls in October or November and you live in Trinidad and Tobago, the possibility is very high that you are a Carnival baby.  This is a well known Trinbago phenomenon.  Herpes and the HIV virus have reduced the possibility, because like the rest of the world Trinbago citizens are acutely aware of the life threatening danger of contacting sexually transmitted diseases during the carnival season.  Times have changed and now wise men and some women include a condom as part of their Carnival season partying gear.  Alcohol and sex are easily mixed but there are many who are very sensitive to the possibilities and refrain altogether.   There is no guarantee of getting laid because it’s Carnival

Parties & Fetes

Without a doubt, Carnival is a week long season of parties that actually climaxes at 12 PM on Carnival Tuesday night.  The fetes, calypso tents, Monarch Calypso and Soca competitions and the Carnival King and Queen Show actually start in January and continue throughout the Carnival season.  The season is marked by a series of large “Carnival Fetes” catering to thousands of patrons consuming alcohol or just enjoying the Calypso, Soca and now Chutney music.  

For the more conservative, there are the “all inclusive” fetes or small parties that filter out the poor, lower class citizens by charging entry fees that are the equivalent of $200 to $300 USD.  “All inclusive” means that patrons are allowed to eat and drink everything at the bar and on the menu at no additional cost.   Patrons are ensured that they will be partying with a “respectable” crowd and security to ensure their safety. 

Island Party

Most foreigners believe that the entire population has a big party on the designated carnival days because it is a national event.  Not so, there are thousands of Trinbagonians who head for the beaches, religious retreats or just stay home.  Many despise what they call noise, wanton promiscuity and lewdness of carnival.  They look at carnival as a pagan ritual that contributes to the disintegration of the society.   But that’s only a small segment of the population.

The rest of the population takes the pre-season carnival season seriously.  They spend thousands partying, purchasing costumes, sometimes going into debt, to “play mas” on Carnival Monday, Tuesday or both days.  Carnival also attracts thousands of Trinbago citizens living in various parts of the world and others who could afford to visit including more recently celebrities from the United States.  

God & Carnival   

Trinidad and Tobago is primarily a secular society with most citizens belonging to one of the many religious denominations.  Last year, a group of Catholics launched a carnival band in an attempt to inject some religious flavor into Carnival.  They established band rules that forbade alcohol, lewd dancing or nakedness.  The band attracted a few people but on a whole it was not overwhelmed.
Pentecostals and other “Born Again” denominations usually organize Carnival Camps where the children in the church are taken on excursions or week end camps to beaches and other isolated retreats.  Others, forbidden to join the celebrations, take it in on the television. 

Trini 2D Bone

Trinbagonians who partake in the Carnival celebrations belong to two distinct groups with a little gray area in the middle.  First you have the diehard mas man who plays mas, come sun rain or shine.  Every year without fail is a different “mas”.  They develop concepts and demonstrate amazing creativity and talents in their presentation for the Carnival season.   Some are elaborate floats or concepts taken from any part of the universe, its people and environment.   Others, like what is known as “Ole Mas” are more satirical send messages or make fun of political and public people in the society.  

The other distinct set of Trinbagonians are the ones who don’t play mas ever, they much prefer and enjoy looking at mas.  They can be seen in the streets, in bleachers in the parks, hanging from windows enjoying the Carnival.  They love the sights, sounds and colors of carnival.  Many believe that if they “played mas” they would never see all that they can when they look at everyone else.   Many of these people will never play mas.  

Then there is the gray area of people who would play but for some reason or the other decided they could not.  These people usually describe themselves as having a sickening feeling about Carnival when they can’t play.  In extreme cases, they refuse to go look at the other masqueraders because they feel sick to the stomach.

So there we have it, my musings on Carnival agree or disagree, but this subjective.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finalist 2014 Calypso Monarch Competition

The Neitional Carnival Commission has released the results from yesterday

"Bodyguard" False Papers

The show at Skinner Park San Fernando got off to a late start yesterday, but the performances that followed were able to ease the dissatisfaction of the audience. The following calypsonians have qualified for Calypso Monarch Finals at Dimanche Gras on February 2 and will Challenge reigning Monarch Pink Panther.

Cro Cro
Queen Victoria
Mr Shak
Myron B
Kurt Allen
Brian London
Alana Sinette -

See more

Results of the National Junior Panorama Competition

Primary & Secondary School Competition

Overall twelve (12) Primary Schools, ten (10) Secondary Schools and eight (8) Non Schools have qualified for the Finals carded for the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Sunday 23rd February, starting at 9:00 am.

1. St. Margaret's Boys AC 252
2. Febeau Gov't Primary Pan Giants Steel Orchestra 248
3. St. Paul's Boys A.C. School 247
4. Couva Anglican Steel Orchestra 244
5. Malabar R.C. Steel Orchestra 241
6. Pres2 All Stars 238
7. Fifth Company Baptist Rising Stars 236
7. Diego Martin Boys R.C. School 236
9. St.Mary's Govt 233
10. Methodist All Stars 232
10. Pt.Fortin A.C. 232
12. Nelson Street Boys R.C 228

1. St. Francois Girls 265
2. St. Charles High School 258
3. Providence/QRC 253
4. BATCE 247
5. Mt. Hope Secondary 240
6. Speyside High School 233
7. Bon Air Beacons 231
7. Symphony of Saints 231
9. Goodwill Industries 224
9. St. Madeline Secondary 224

1. St. Margaret's Boys 268
2. Success Stars 263
3. bp Renegades Youth 261
4. Invaders Youth 257
5. Tropical Angel Harps 247
5. R.I.P.E. 247
7. T.A.G.S. 240
8. St. Benedicts Steel 235

The Ministry of Education in collaboration with Pan Trinbago Inc. TC and the Pan In Schools Coordinating Council will host this year's edition which has attracted record entries. Hon. Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, Minister of Education, is the patron.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Is Beep Xtra vs FlexKom Global Loyalty Discount Card?

A Review of Global Loyalty Cards in Trinidad and Tobago

In September 2013 Trinidad Newsday published an article entitled “FlexKomDevelops a Loyalty Card” the article went on to describe how Flexkom a German company was introducing a global loyalty card, the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago. 
Before the introduction of FlexKom the only loyalty cards available were cards issued by private companies such as the HiLo stores and Superpharm FlexKom was new in that sense because it could be used across the board. 
The way it worked is that merchants would sign up to participate in the program for a fee of approximately $10,000 TTD which will enable them to integrate with FlexKom global system and become a part of the FlexKom network of participating stores. 
These participating merchants offer discounts to their customers who are holders of the Flexkom loyalty cards. The most outstanding feature of the Flexkom cards is that if customer owned a smart phone they don’t need to carry a card. It also allows the merchant to send ads to their customers’ phones.
How the customers gets the card is a little bit confusing.  On Morning Edition (youtube video) Ian Driscoll a big pappy with FlexKom told the interviewer that merchants could just sign up their customers and they will be issued a card.  Then up pops this web site that says the customers must pay for theirFlexkom cards. There must be a reasonable explanation. 
Customers would have purchased cards that offer from 5 to 25 percent off when they purchase.  The discount percent is determined by how much the customer paid for the loyalty card which could be anywhere from $250 to $1000 TTD.
Add that to the fact that FlexKom has been getting a lot of negative internet traffic it makes one wonder if there is more in the mortar than the pestle, is that right.  Experience on the net led to a search of the term “FlexKom scam” and articles, YouTube videos and even a Facebook page.  There was one, however, that stood out like a sore thumb. 
IMHO, the article was written by someone with considerable copy writing experience.  Well crafted, it explained accusation away almost as if it was responding to unasked objections.  Well done but it makes you wonder why Flexkom paid to counteract negative publicity that had no substance in fact.See it here.
By now you are probably thinking that I am bias; you’re right, I must admit. In my opinion, Flexkom is predatory; the gentleman on the TV said that they chose to bring Flexkom to T&T before the United States because...a local saw the vision.    
To be perfectly honest with you, I only did research to see what the Flexkom card after I was introduced to the Beep Xtra Card. The Beep Xtra Card is also a global loyalty card; like the Flexkom card it originated in Europe.  The difference is that there is no big local media launch but it has gone viral and is now in over 139 countries, it is in Barbados now.  It was only launched last November 2013. 
The big advantage the Flexkom card has over the Beep Xtra card is that an app for the smart phone has not yet been developed to interface with the merchant QR codes.  It means that customers must carry the cards to get their discount credits.
But t he Beep Xtra card has taken off like a Chinese high speed train for a very good reason; it has gone viral. In this case it means it has simply spread like a virus quickly infects one person then another like the common cold. 
It is spreading because it’s free for everyone, merchants and customers.
I am sure that someone could explain the confusion about whether you can get the Flexkom card free by the merchant registering his customers or whether customers must pay for their loyalty cards but either way nothing beats free’ especially for the merchant.
Because this card is free it does not have the large marketing budget that Flexkom is able to afford but the viral nature of this card will surpass what Flexkom has been able to accomplish in this market. Even with the onetime integration charge to the merchant he begins way ahead of the Flexkom model of charging up front and maintenance fees.
The Beep Xtra Card is only issued by invitation presently.  Take a look at the video of the benefits ofthe card.  Just leave a comment here.
You can only access the card by invitation.