Saturday, July 19, 2014

A mistake, and 298 potential FB friends gone

Another example of man's inhumanity to man.  .

Will it ever stop? 

This should never have happened. Man seem to have an intrinsic desire to destroy each other we are like spectators at the arena, the lucky ones.  Lucky to be here and not there. 

But it comes home, where ever we call home, we read, hear and learn about incidents like this and it hurts hearts everywhere.  We know that genuine human beings, people who could be our friends, could justify these action. 

 They really meant to hurt others, not these people.

We understand weapons of mass destruction, total annihilation because what our belief is different from another man, country or race.  Beliefs changes, this is an a perfect example of taking permanent action because of a temporary belief. The reality is that we are not in charge. 

Call Him what you want, it does not matter if you never call Him, He has no religion and it does not matter what you believe; He is in charge. 

In charge, meaning He is responsible.  Our little minds will love to change the world, to seek some sense of comfort, happiness, peace.  Instead we get this, we get killings justified in the name of a belief.  In Gaza, Nigeria, Ukraine, Sudan; men killing men, women, and children. 

We are the lucky ones until it hits home, our family and friends.  Social media has added a new dimension of pain.  It hurts even if they were merely FB friends.

Our little minds, all of us, the perpetrators and the spectators cannot understand it.  It transcend our realm of imagination and understanding. 

We can all rest assured that because we know He is in charge, all is in Divine Order, things are the way they should be.  We need not understand, we do have to accept. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Internet Threat – Cyber Bill for Trinidad & Tobago

Revise the Cyber Bill Now
Isn’t it ironic that the only T&T government administration that was ever accused of what is known here as “emailgate”  is piloting a Cyber Crime Bill.  

The law enforcement agency charged with investigating that incident is still investigating and in the meanwhile the man who was originally given the assignment has retired from the service and now occupies another government cushy job. 

People on the ground are saying that the proposal for this bill suddenly popped up after the government accused the opposition of hacking into their email accounts.   Almost as if the government is making a move to protect itself.  

The proposal, still to be debated in parliament, made international news because it is so unsual for a country like T&T to consider a cyber bill.  An article in the Epoch Times had the headline "Trinidad and Tobago's Cyber Crime Bill May Be the Beginning of an Already Failed Quest"

Failed before we start they say.  Can they be right?  They say it will cost billions of dollars with no appreciable rewards.  Here are the 3 main reasons they gave;
1.   Most technology companies are very secretive with user information; they would not even share it with the US Government.  Why will they share it with the T&T government? 

2.   98 percent of our cyber infrastructure is foreign based like Google and Yahoo.  (Initially, in the emailgate scandal, the police publicly stated they were stymied by Google.  The never said anything about why they could not access the TSTT accounts.)

3.   The country’s cyber infrastructure can be accessed from as far away as Russia, China or India where our laws are meaningless.

The article quoted the expert as saying that: “…too many preceding cases have cost other countries hundreds of millions of lost dollars in their efforts to extradite accused cyber criminals from uncooperative jurisdictions; – since it is a quest that often fails”
Read the article here. 

The fact is that this country does needs defensive cyber security.  The bill as it is proposed intends to spend millions of dollars to identify and prosecute cyber criminals.  

Once again, this is democracy at work.  This is our elected government and what they say we need, we need.  The fact still remains that the country will lose millions if this bill passes.   

But who is complaining.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Pirates of The Caribbean

They May Not Be Who You Think?

The headline above was used by a political journalist" who ignores the reality of the day and writes one sided articles with no objectivity.

The article is written by Alexander Phillips and you an read what he said here.

Frankly, I think that this administration has lost touch with the people like the other one did.  No amount of propaganda will change what has been experienced in the last five years. 

Read my response to that article.

The writer hit the nail on the head about Jack. On Inshan, the jury is still out. Don't agree but that's not important. 

What really got me to write this response is when I ask why. Why the hell would anyone use history to explain away what's happening now?

For the people who don't know that was a great story, maybe even a good one sided history lesson. We can only write what we think we know. 

There must be a compelling reason for someone to totally ignore the crap that's happening now and focus instead on who stole or didn't steal ten years ago. Why stop there we are rich in that history. 

The funny thing is that now I am totally convinced that the writer has a political agenda. Not one word mentioned about, Anil, Sat, even our illustrious PM who just unleashed the Dogs of War on criminals. 

While the Police Commission sits quietly and says nothing about being called Dogs. I guess that is an improvement from Pigs. Nonsense all of it. Back to the point. 

I supported the PP government when the other PM was playing the ass with the country. That was wrong for the country then, and it's wrong now. 

Like going to court and telling the judge that people have been stealing for years so don't judge me cause I can tell you their names and where they thief. Bull, the judge will rightly say and send your ass where it belongs. 

Bull, send the writer to writer's jail. 

Two wrong never made anything right. 

The writer's point of view is bias, he attacks because he says that he is a "collector of history" Hopefully, everyone who knows can see through the veil, crafted to deflect mistakes and missteps of a failing government. 

More likely, he is collecting of dollars. Thinking of it, if I was paid well enough I would take a side. Writer make shit compared to government ministers.

Be real, how else can an intelligent Trinidadian get it all wrong like that. The simple answer is that he didn't get it wrong. 

He wants others to get it wrong. Nobody can use history to defend present corruption. 

Nuff said. Come to your own conclusions.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Corruption, Cocaine and Murder in Trinidad

Is This The Trinidad You Know?

Interesting perspective of Trinidad by Vice News an international news organization.  The police in person of Inspector Alexander blames it on the 1990 coup. A criminologist blames it on the government giving contracts to who she call community leaders who she identifies as gang leaders.  A gang leader who says that the money he gets goes back into the community.  Brings back memories of Dudus Coke and what happened in Jamaica.

Living in Trinidad I know that where I live it's not like what is depicted.   The only  truths comes directly from the  gangsters in the video.  According to them "behind the curtain" Mr. Big Fish hides and directs the show.

 Trinidad and Tobago is a small country but it is large enough that if you know where not to go you can be safe.  Spill overs occur but the way the video tells it there is only corruption, cocaine and murder here...

Take a look and leave a comment if you have an opinion...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Will A Major Hurricane Hit The Caribbean in 2014?

The Colorado Hurricane Gurus Are Wrong 

Yes, one will. 
The Caribbean Blogger is predicting that at least one major hurricane will hit a Caribbean island in the 2014.  CB cannot predict which island but hoping that it’s not going to be Trinidad; it could be.
How could CB make such a outlandish prediction in the face of credentialed gurus? 

They predict that 2014 hurricane season will be “a very quiet”.  CB says it's too broad a prediction that could lead to complacency and the lack of preparation.

They  made the prediction in USA Today.  In the same article there is evidence to support CB prediction of a high potential of a hurricane.  The prediction that it will be a Caribbean islands is where CB went out on a limb.  Mind you the predictions were made by a team of metro logicians at Colorado State University.  Using logic they developed conclusions.  

The predictions rely primarily on the data that say that El Nino has been cooling in the last few months and will continue to cool.  The last few months they are talking about are the winter months that would normally cool the waters.  That data did not take into consideration global warming and its effects on El Nino. As such, it is not a very reliable predictor of future temperature. 

Statistical analysis by USA Today came up with the following conclusions

“The Colorado State team's seasonal forecasts are a mixed bag: Since 2000, the team has forecast fewer than the actual number of hurricanes four times, forecast more five times and been almost right — within two hurricanes — five times, a USA TODAY analysis shows"

Means that they have been wrong before.
Fact is that these meteorological academia projects are funded by a number of industries that rely on these predictions to evaluate potential losses and actuarial on the level of risk to expect.  It justifies higher premiums for insurance companies.  Billions of dollars are generated insuring transatlantic shipments of goods.  

The chances of the CB prediction being wrong are about the same as the meteorological guru’s claim of a quiet hurricane season.   After reading that article you may come to the same conclusion as CB the chances that a Caribbean island will be hit by a hurricane is “highly likely” in the 2014 hurricane season.

What do you think?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Most Outlandish, Crude & Sexy Trinidad Carnival In History

Was This The Lewdest Carnival In History of Trinidad and Tobago?

That's what the pillars of society are telling the population in hindsight. Religious leaders, politicians and many other civic organizations have put in their two cents.

They objected to the media, both print and television for showing all the lewdness without regards for the children in the society.  Gyrating pictures of Carnival masqueraders or people in fetes, they are pictures of people "enjoying themselves" letting go of the normal inhibitions. A controversy now rages in the country.

According to the web analytics, most of the returning visitors to the Caribbean Blogger are foreigners. Many belong to the global diaspora with the highest number in the United States but they also are in Russia, India, China, Singapore and other far off lands.  As such, most of you must have missed the Carnival,

Today you can share in the controversial slice of the 2014 Carnival Celebration in Port of Spain.
View the video below, look at it with an objective eye.  Think about what your local friends, where ever you are, would you share it as an example of how Trinibagonian enjoy Carnival?  Have our sense of morals and ethics degenerated to this level of behavior in a desperate attempt to get momentary attention of onlookers?.

These are some of the questions being asked in Trinidad and Tobago today.  People are talking about this, and maybe in a few days something else will hug the headlines but even if forgetten for now, it will be revisited annually.  Was this ever an issue? Why now?

Will it get worse? Will the society continue to accept the demonstrations of lewd and lascivious public  behavior without any controls?  The "Carnival Spirit" is offered as an excuse for their behavior. There are other odorous spirits we know that are always involved; we volunteer to succumb to these spirits.  On politician suggested that it only happens on Carnival, so it just might be OK.

Listen to the tunes that is played to encourage the behavior, it is not just the women behavior they are just doing what the music instructs them to do.  The fact is if it's legal to give these sort of instructions in a song and being played on the radios and on the road, what are people expected to do. Few can stand still after
throwing back a couple and catching the "Spirit".

You be the judge...

Take a look and leave your comments if you dare, it could even be anonymous. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Calypso Monarch - Pink Panther Loses Everything

"Chucky" Takes The Crown

Competition was hot but in the end Roderick "Chucky" Gordon took the grand prize, he is the new Calypso Monarch of Trinidad and Tobago.

He took the title from Pink Panther who ended up at 11th place. In retrospect, and to be honest, Pink Panther, last year's Calypso Monarch put up a weak fight in defending his crown. His first tune "D Richest Man"was told the audience about the difference between the death of a poor man and a rich man. His message will not be repeated here because it is what everyone already knows; dead is dead. His prop was to dress as a poor man complete with wrinkled shirt, a pair of floppy slippers, and one pant leg missing.  My question was; why didn't he choose a rich man costume?  It has only been 12 months since he won a million dollars. Bad advice, if he did get any, he was destined to lose it all as he did.

Hear The Champion...

Chucky's renditions of "Wey Yuh Think" and "Wedding Of De Century" took the crown in the eyes of the judges and the public Digicel text-in campaign. Here are the two winning renditions...

In his last delivery, Chucky celebrated the marriage of Soca and Chutney music in the "Wedding". This idea of the integration of the culture is important to the development of our country at a time when politicians seems bent on ripping it apart.  It is good that it was recognized by the judges and the people as a message that is worth to be noted.  To demonstrate the marriage he arranged to have icons come on stage and openly endorse the concept: for Chutney; Drupatee Ramgoonai, representing Soca; Superblue and Pan; Ray Holman.

Take a lesson and get the subliminal message...

Kurt Allen placed second and Selvon "Mistah Shak" Noel third at the Dimanche Gras at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain, late Sunday night.

Kurt Allen was the Island Man when he sung "Sweet Sizzling Summer" then delivered a super performance with his second tune "The Lost Psalm Of King David".  'The Last Badjohn of Calypso' was at his best, his performance was outstanding.

Even though he was denied the first place, he has earned a permanent stamp in any true history book on calypso.  True to his name, The "Last Badjohn of Calypso" is fighting his way to the top, now it's only one step to the coveted Monarch position.  He will be even better next year if he competes.

Noel was equally good in his delivery of "Bois" and "Crime Round De Clock".

I also thought that "Bodyguard" should have been much higher ranked in performance, but the judges did not agree.  He was last in the bunch, maybe because of his controversial rendition "False Papers"

The level of the competition was excellet with Brian London (5th), Victoria "Queen Victoria" Cooper (6th) and Dr Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool (4th), all delivering high standard performances.

The first, second and third received cash prizes of $1,000,000, $500,000 and $250,000, respectively.

The Mighty Sparrow, Dr Slinger Francisco came on as an invited guest..

The "Birdie", entertained the crowd with a spirited medley of past hits "Jean & Dinah", "The Lizard", "Melda" and "Drunk and Disorderly", to which patrons applauded lustily in appreciation.


1. Roderick "Chucky" Gordon - 'Wey Yuh Think"/"Wedding Of De Century"

2. Kurt Allen - "Sweet Sizzling Summer"/"The Lost Psalm Of King David"

3. Selvon "Mistah Shak" Noel - "Bois"/"Crime Round De Clock"

4. Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool - "Ah Miss De Bards"/"De Guest List"

5. Brian London - "The Heart Of A Warrior"/"Call Dem Out"

6. Victoria "Queen Victoria" Cooper - "Political Love Affair"/"Congo Warrior"

7. Alana Sinnette - "Sea Lots"/"And Calling It Rain"

8. Weston "Cro Cro" Rawlins - "Pious, Poor But Proud"/"Goodness Delayed"

9. Carlos "Skatie" James - "Calypso Woman"/"Jack And Jill"

10. Myron "The Incredible Myron B" Bruce - "One More Sip"/"First Black Prime Minister"

11. Eric "Pink Panther" Taylor - "De Richest Man"/"Not Tonight"

12. Roger "Bodyguard" Mohammed - "Aloes Vendor"/"False Papers"

Do you agree with the results?  Did the winner surprise you?   Express your opinions?