With Global Food Shortage Looming, Trindad Destroys 40 Acres of Food Crops

Is It That They Don't Believe The Food Experts At The World Bank Or Did Not Know?

Could you believe that there are still some people who are totally unaware of what is happening in the world?   It is unconscionable that anyone who labels themselves as a leader would indulge in such ignorant actions. 

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that these government “leaders”  are totally unaware of numerous international news reports of an impending global food shortage.   There's no other explanation. 

Without any forethought a few Trinidad and Tobago government officials authorized the distruction of local farmers produce.  Today's headlines "Food Face-Off - 40 acres of crops bulldozed to make way for houses".  Read it here.

This is total madness.  It was only last week that a daily newspaper headlined a story with a minister promising that agricultural squatters on state lands had full permission to maintain their crops.  What made the same government destroy harvestable crops on a 40 acre plot of land?  This act will soon be indelibly stamped on the minds of a hungry population if the expert predictions are correct.  

A myopic decision for sure but to appreciate why the government officials took this drastic action hints at their priorities.  The new People Partnership government assumed the housing development mission of the previous administration to construct affordable housing for most average Trinidadians.  This is a noble initiative by anyone’s standards.  

The previous government had already built thousands of homes that are still to be occupied.  In cases where homes were delivered, the new administration discovered that repairs ranged in the of millions of dollars.    

Now hear this logic.  We have a few thousands homes with repairs to be done. Let’s go out and build a few more while we repair these empty homes.  This has nothing to do with a global food crisis our mission is to build more houses.  Can anyone eat a home?.

Rhetorical question ; Why not fix and complete the existing structure before embarking on breaking new ground to build more homes on prime agricultural land?   

The answer to that question is even simpler.  "Them people too lawless, two years ago we serve them notice to leave, they have not; instead they plant more food.  It is time we be firm and teach them who run things in this country.  Bulldoze them land now"”   

Food crisis have nothing to do with trying to make me look bad.  Whoever I may be?

Sometimes we overcomplicate people’s responses to what may appear to be an apparent defiance of authority.   It’s the feeling you get when you are accosted by a police officer who thinks “he is the law”.  If you have ever been stopped by one you will know and if not, maybe one day.

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