Does Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaida Have a Trinidad and Tobago/Caribbean Connection?

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

The world woke up to the news that Bin Laden has been killed in Pakistan this morning.  

After ten years of the entire US law enforcement, national agencies and in fact the entire US Armed services looking for this alleged terrorist hearing of is death raise a little skepticism.  

If not for the credibility infused by the source, the US President the report would still be in question.  .  

What is questionable is that there are no pictures and although Muslim tradition require swift burial, why would the US troops in Pakistan make such a decision unless there were other motives?.   

They also came up with an original.  "Buried at sea because no other country would want to claim his remains".  How could they if they were never given the chance. 

As a people without much say in our national issues far less the international issues all we can do is ask questions about how these world events affects us. . 

Recent Caribbean Terrorist

Of course you would remember the crazy fella from Jamaica who had a bomb in his shoes.  How he was ever caught still begs many questions but according to the facts he did have explosives. His intent will always be questionable

On the wider, much "saner" front, the questions keep coming but the most important one for us in the Caribbean is; Does Al Qaida really have a connection in the Caribbean?

Here is a site that proposes such a connection. Click here.

The answer in a quick search determined that maybe they do.  Now let me be clear my position with regards to the case of the two old Muslim men from Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana who were convicted as terrorist in New York does not count as Al Qaida connections. 

IMHO I can voice the man in the street wispers that these men were railroaded into admitting their part in a plan without any substance.  They were accused of attempting to blow up the airport using gas lines from NYC.  The experts stated categorically that it would not work under any conditions.  Be that as it may, these men will die in US prisons.  

More Likely Connection
The connection that raised more questions is from a web site that identified a local mosque as being an instrumental support for an alleged suspect of Al Qaida. 

The source, a Miami Private Investigator (PI) have a video posted with the suspect delivering an automotive session.  Look at the Video Here.

These links are provided for your edification.  

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