Tuesday, April 26, 2011

With Global Food Shortage Looming, Trindad Destroys 40 Acres of Food Crops

Is It That They Don't Believe The Food Experts At The World Bank Or Did Not Know?

Could you believe that there are still some people who are totally unaware of what is happening in the world?   It is unconscionable that anyone who labels themselves as a leader would indulge in such ignorant actions. 

The only conclusion that can be drawn is that these government “leaders”  are totally unaware of numerous international news reports of an impending global food shortage.   There's no other explanation. 

Without any forethought a few Trinidad and Tobago government officials authorized the distruction of local farmers produce.  Today's headlines "Food Face-Off - 40 acres of crops bulldozed to make way for houses".  Read it here.

This is total madness.  It was only last week that a daily newspaper headlined a story with a minister promising that agricultural squatters on state lands had full permission to maintain their crops.  What made the same government destroy harvestable crops on a 40 acre plot of land?  This act will soon be indelibly stamped on the minds of a hungry population if the expert predictions are correct.  

A myopic decision for sure but to appreciate why the government officials took this drastic action hints at their priorities.  The new People Partnership government assumed the housing development mission of the previous administration to construct affordable housing for most average Trinidadians.  This is a noble initiative by anyone’s standards.  

The previous government had already built thousands of homes that are still to be occupied.  In cases where homes were delivered, the new administration discovered that repairs ranged in the of millions of dollars.    

Now hear this logic.  We have a few thousands homes with repairs to be done. Let’s go out and build a few more while we repair these empty homes.  This has nothing to do with a global food crisis our mission is to build more houses.  Can anyone eat a home?.

Rhetorical question ; Why not fix and complete the existing structure before embarking on breaking new ground to build more homes on prime agricultural land?   

The answer to that question is even simpler.  "Them people too lawless, two years ago we serve them notice to leave, they have not; instead they plant more food.  It is time we be firm and teach them who run things in this country.  Bulldoze them land now"”   

Food crisis have nothing to do with trying to make me look bad.  Whoever I may be?

Sometimes we overcomplicate people’s responses to what may appear to be an apparent defiance of authority.   It’s the feeling you get when you are accosted by a police officer who thinks “he is the law”.  If you have ever been stopped by one you will know and if not, maybe one day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can REDJET Crash?

Hopefully Not If You're Flying 

Recently, the Caribbean Blogger posted the announcement of RedJet Airone’s unbelievable low fare offer to islands in the Caribbean.   

Later this week, Trinidad and Tobago Transport Minister Jack Warner announced in a news conference that he knew nothing about the company or who allowed them permission to fly into Trinidad and Tobago.  

On face value, most citizens would think that the government minister was being over protective of their newest acquisition Caribbean Air Lines (CAL).   Jamaica has already banned Airone from operating within their territory.   

Below are some of the questions that arose from the research.
Remember the saying that "if it looks to good to be true it probably is"”.  

One post we found asked some very unsettling questions that every passenger should get the answers to before they hop onboard a RedJet. 
With respect to RedJet entering Trinidad and Tobago:

If the Transportation Minister did not authorize the airline to come into Trinidad: 

What preparation did the RedJet Airline make to maintain their planes in Trinidad and Tobago?

As we all know every plane must undergo through specific safety maintenance procedures after every overseas flight. 

 Is the company flying their own mechanics on the jet?  
What is the safety record of the MD-80 series of jets manufactured by MacDonald Douglass?  

Although the first of these jets were manufactured in the 1960s, most were built between 1980 and 1999.  According to one blog post:

Measured by accident data alone, the MD-80 is considered to be one of the safest planes in the sky. According to Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the plane has a fatal hull loss rate — meaning a crash involving fatalities — of 0.34 per one million departures, and an overall hull-loss, or crash, rate of 0.52 per million departures.

By comparison, the average record for all commercial jets is 0.89 fatal hull losses per million departures, and an overall rate of 1.64 hull losses per million departures, Boeing said.

The figures include today’s crash in Madrid of an MD-82, Spanair Flight JK5022, which appears to have killed more than 150 people, according to Spanish authorities.

The crash comes only a few months after American Airlines’ battle with the Federal Aviation Administration over the inspection of its fleet of MD80s, which put the plane in a spotlight with American travelers last spring.. Read More Here

But that report has to be view in light of some of other documented crashes.  For a detail list of crashes documented for the MD-80 series jets.   Click Here

Hopefully that would not stop you from boarding the jet for a cheap flight to Barbados.  Here are some other stinging questions that were quoted directly from another blog.
  • Is it practical to operate MD82, old generation, aircraft on a 15 minute route structure?
  • Are $9.99USD fares realistic or practical?
  • Can REDJET compete with the heavily subsidized LIAT?
  • Will the FAA grant the airline access to the proposed USA market?
  • Why did Jamaican Government not allow Airone to set up operations in Jamaica?
  • Who is the major Barbadian investor listed in the USA Exception Application?
  • Does Barbados Government Civil Aviation organization have the expertise, experience, regulations etc. to approve, monitor and regulate a heavy commercial passenger carrier?
  • Are two proposed aircraft sufficient to operate an on time scheduled passenger service considering weather, mechanicals, maintenance etc.?
  • What Liability Insurance has Barbados demanded of RedJet?
The big question is $9.99USD or FREE would you hop on a jet that you felt uncomfortable with?

Thankfully that may not be a decision you will make because the way it looks now you may not ever have the chance to board a RedJet.

The story is still being told. .

Sunday, April 17, 2011

World Food Shortages To Affect The Caribbean & Other 3rd World Nations First

What Does It Mean To You?

People and governments in developing countries such as Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean should not ignore predictions the world’s food supply experts.   A crisis is looming and it portends the next significant global crisis. 

Food and Money

Let’s face it food is one of the basic consumables of the human species.  Air and water are the other two.  In a New York Times article, journalist Elisabeth Rosenthal  reported that according to the IMF the food price index is “the highest in 20 years of existence” 

 Food however, is directly related to economics.  It is not so much the food shortage but high prices for food that will create the crisis.  To add to the madness some rich countries are creating a demand for biofuels and consuming a vast supply of cassava, corn, sugar and palm oil for conversion into biofuels. 

How Much We Eat

How long will it take 6.91 billion people ( world’s current population) eating everyday, 3 times a day , to consume what’s on the shelves right now?  This number is expected to significantly increase.  See World Population figures 

Best guess is a couple of days. 

And that’s because as soon as the shortage is announced the hoarders rich and poor will converge on the groceries like red ants stockpiling food.   

The Crisis Is Here Already

It will take a bit longer to actually see the results of the crisis globally.  Soon new reports of the affects of high food prices on poor countries will begin to surface with more frequency.   

 In fact, it has already showing up globally.  Most people don’t even realize that the overthrow of the Tunisia government in the Middle East was prompted by high food prices.  Or that soaring food prices caused riots or contributed to politacal turmoil in Aleria, Egypt and Bangladesh so far..

The world is still recovering from an economic crisis many countries will be affected by any shortage in the world’s food supply.  Here is what the leaders of the IMF and World Bank had  to say:

"Food prices worldwide have surged 36 percent since a year ago and disproportionately hit developing countries. The rise in prices comes even as 44 million people around the world have been thrust into poverty since June last year.

"We are one shock away from full blown crisis," said World Bank Group President Robert Zoellick at a press briefing in Washington on Saturday.
The region's poor often spend half of their income on food. Having to use more of that income on feeding their families means fewer funds are available for families to save or invest.

"If the Food Price Index rises by just another 10 percent, we estimate that another 10 million people will fall into extreme poverty when people live on less than 1 dollar 25 cents per day," he said. "And a 30 percent increase would add 34 million people to the world's poor, who number 1.2 billion."   
 Read More here 

 You Have Been Warned

These predictions are all coming from credible sources and are serious enough that any forward thinking government must prioritize it.  It should not be ignored.  The global trumpet has been sounded it is up to the individual nations to begin to put some sort of contingency plan in place. 

What Can You Do?

Let’s face it, if you are reading this, you most likely not in government.  Fact is that even if you are you would be more interested in what you can do to forestall the crisis at an individual and family level.  

The most obvious answer is to begin to hoard now.  Stockpile your food for a rainy day.   What is more important is understanding the extent of the problem.  There is only one way to do this…  

First educate yourself.  Find out what is really happening in the world with respect to the food shortage.  Don’t take the words you read here as truth.  Do your due diligence.  

Don't Stick Your Head In The Sand

Next, you need to come up with a plan after you have looked at your disposable income.  Determine the quantity of food you will need to stockpile for a specific period of time.  This will be based on the size of your family and relatives you wish to include. Don’t guess, your life may depend on it.  

Earmark a percentage of your disposable income for food that you can afford.  Make plans within your family for the impending crisis.  As you will discover, it is not if but when the crisis will begin affecting you.  Then, identify the type of foods that are not perishable and are potent enough to sustain you on a daily and monthly basis.  

A Comment Get You A Free EBook.

 Here is my contribution to the impending food crisis.  

Post a comment on here with your email address and get a free copy of "36 Potent Foods to Lose Weight and Live Healthy".   This valueable report will tell you exactly what foods you should concentrate on stockpiling.  

Do It While You're Not Hungry

Stay blessed. 


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A World Leader Most Embrassing Moment

 Thankfully, This Is Not Caribbean News, Just A Flaw In Human Nature
Why would the leader of a country stoop so low?

This is a question only he can answer but even if he did to someone satisfaction, it raises other questions.

He's obviously suffers from kleptomania.  We say "suffer" because the embrassment is enough to make anyone squirm, moreso someone who at the time was repesenting an entire country.  When you think about how bad our Caribbean leaders behave be glad that they never do something like this.  It can bring shame to an entire nation.  But here are the questions...

After you view the video ask yourself:

Why did he do it when all he had to do was ask?

How did he feel when he saw himself on the news?

How would you feel if it was your Prime Minister?

Isn't this the stupidest thing you have ever seen?

Unless you speak Czech you will not understand a word in the video but you don't need to; the pictures tells it all.


Wah you think?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Redjet, The Cheapest Caribbean Airfares As Low As $9.99 - $49.99

Defying Economic Hard Times For Airlines

While Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is sacking employees left and right a new player has come on the scene.

Redjet the newest airline based in Barbados has airfares that’s has never been offered in the English speaking Caribbean.

In an announcement made last Monday, April 11th tickets will go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday April 13th for the amazing price of $9.99 to $49.99 US.

According to the announcement by the company executives:

“This truly will be a REDvolution as we aim to lower fares even further and open more routes across the region. Join us on our mission to end high fares so that everyone can fly! Get online on Wednesday and get your hands on the lowest fares ever seen in the Caribbean and let’s turn the Skies RED!” he further enthused.
This announcement comes almost a month after Redjet and regulators exchanged views in the Barbados media over what was the hold-up for the granting of an air operating certificate for the four-year-old carrier.

When questioned in early March about the start-up of the low-cost carrier, Gabrielle Springer, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of International Business and International Transport, said: “We have to comply with international standards and go through all the relevant processes. If we don’t comply, we would hear from the tourism sector and the general populace that we did not ensure that the particular carrier was safe and secure to carry our local people and visitors throughout the region.”

REDjet was founded in 2006 by Burns’ father Robbie with the intention of becoming the Caribbean’s first low fares airline in the mould of the Irish Ryanair or US Jet Blue. However the carrier, which is registered as Airone Ventures, has had a rough start to the enterprise after initial attempts to set-up in Jamaica ran aground despite having spent US$1 million on the start-up process in Jamaica. Speculation at the time was that authorities were reluctant to allow the airline to register in Jamaica, putting it in direct competition

Go see their launch site. Click Here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Was It Right To Fire Nizam Mohammed?

Was He a Sacrificial Lamb?

He was not fired for what he did but how and where he did it.

Nobody drops their pands and take a crap in the middle of Fredrick St at noon; not even a vagrant. And you certainly would not get away with it if you was recently found pissing on yourself on the Promonard.

To be honest red flags started flying from the minute the public found out that he would be appointed as the head of the Police Service Commission. The objection; he came with a party bias because he was a long standing member of the ruling UNC party. In fact, during the party’s previous reign he was appointed Speaker of the House.

Despite all objections he was nominated. The party stood by him. Prime Minister refused ot budge on his nomination and he was eventually appointed. The opposition maintained to call for his removal with very little affect. Then the incident with the police officers occurred in Port of Spain.

Is he a racist now? IMHO, not hardly.

Remember the saying: “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones”. Or the verse in the bible when Jesus said “Let he that is not guilty cast the first stone”.

Take a look at the world from Nizam’s Mohammed’s perspective. Forget that he is a loyal UNC man or that he is a distinguished lawyer in Trinidad and Tobago. Understand the man for a minute.

He is an Indian man who worked hard to attain his stature in the society. He had reached the point where he felt that people, in fact, every police officer should know “who he was”. If they didn’t they were dumber than they looked.

So when the officers stopped him he was aghast that they did not recognize him. Afterall he was also the former Speaker of the House. They either didn’t know or didn’t care. Incidentally, both police officers were afro Trinidadians. They did not make his day.

Word on the street is that he was trying to get back at them for slighting him especially since the incident caused him so much trauma. That's just the word of people who need to add fuel to the fire.

Although a sitting Ministers and the Attorney General had voiced a similar concern about the Indo/Afro race disparity in the police service no one paid any attention to them. It would have been foolish of them to pick up that mantle.

But they had a top dog in the Police Service Association (PSC); Nizam Mohammed. He could comfortably broach the topic, or so he thought. According to him, most likely without checking, he had a “constitutional mandate” to make it right.

There is nothing wrong in making anything right.

All he wanted to do was “help his people”. Should he be labeled a racist and be vilified because he took up a just “at least to him” cause? The statistic he quoted was inaccurate but his motive was to say the least idealistic.

Here is the $65 million dollar question:

Would you try to help “your people” if you was placed in a position such as the one he had and the same conditions existed?

If you answered no, I’d say you are lying to yourself or you are just an extraordinary human being.

He must have been totally shocked when he started getting feedback from his public statements. The opposition he expected them to object but they were not in a position to do anything. What must have thrown him for a loop was the reaction of his fellow commissioners, prominant Indians "his people" and almost every Minister in the UNC party. He must have felt a tremendous sense of betrayal.

Words like racist, reckless, insensitive, splitting the society apart assaulted his consiousness. All through it he remained cocky and defiant.

Even after President Max Richards fired him, his arrogance remained evident. According to him “I did nothing wrong”.

With that, this writer totally agrees. He did nothing that any of us in Trinidad and Tobago, no matter what race you belong to, wouldn’t do.

Unfortunately, he painted the government into a corner; they had to act. It could not be ignored like the other two instances. They assumed that if they did nothing they would be viewed as supportative of his position. Doing that, they rationalized could divide the society, the worst case scenario trigger a race war in Trinidad and Tobago.

That was the unstated but outlandish hidden assumption.

He certainly should not have been appointed and all this fuss would have been avoided. But I do not agree with the reason he was fired. He did, in essence, what any of us would have done given the same circumstances.

You may not have done it exactly in the same way but you would have done something, to help our people get a better life. You would not be able to help it if you are human. Unless of course you are so blended you do not ascribe yourself to any race then you may decide to help friends, family or acquaintances. That's how we are; especially in T&T.

The funny thing about us as human beings is that we abhor ourselves. We demonstare it by loudly pointing out the same fault in other humans. It is as if by doing so others will not figure us out and our secret would stay with us forever.

Inately we are all racists by nature. Many of us have transcended the vagaries of racism but it never really leaves us. There is something about having commonality with others.

Is it not so?

Wah yuh tink?

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