Redjet, The Cheapest Caribbean Airfares As Low As $9.99 - $49.99

Defying Economic Hard Times For Airlines

While Caribbean Airlines (CAL) is sacking employees left and right a new player has come on the scene.

Redjet the newest airline based in Barbados has airfares that’s has never been offered in the English speaking Caribbean.

In an announcement made last Monday, April 11th tickets will go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday April 13th for the amazing price of $9.99 to $49.99 US.

According to the announcement by the company executives:

“This truly will be a REDvolution as we aim to lower fares even further and open more routes across the region. Join us on our mission to end high fares so that everyone can fly! Get online on Wednesday and get your hands on the lowest fares ever seen in the Caribbean and let’s turn the Skies RED!” he further enthused.
This announcement comes almost a month after Redjet and regulators exchanged views in the Barbados media over what was the hold-up for the granting of an air operating certificate for the four-year-old carrier.

When questioned in early March about the start-up of the low-cost carrier, Gabrielle Springer, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of International Business and International Transport, said: “We have to comply with international standards and go through all the relevant processes. If we don’t comply, we would hear from the tourism sector and the general populace that we did not ensure that the particular carrier was safe and secure to carry our local people and visitors throughout the region.”

REDjet was founded in 2006 by Burns’ father Robbie with the intention of becoming the Caribbean’s first low fares airline in the mould of the Irish Ryanair or US Jet Blue. However the carrier, which is registered as Airone Ventures, has had a rough start to the enterprise after initial attempts to set-up in Jamaica ran aground despite having spent US$1 million on the start-up process in Jamaica. Speculation at the time was that authorities were reluctant to allow the airline to register in Jamaica, putting it in direct competition

Go see their launch site. Click Here.

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