Why Is Linking Important To Your Web Traffic Strategy

The World Wide Web is simply a network of web pages on the Internet connected by hypertext links.

In fact, hypertext links are the back bone of the Web; the only way to get from one site to another. Search engines have quickly become an essential tool for making sense of the Web.

Why do we need search engine?

Because there are literally thousands and in some cases millions of available sites that can be accessed on any given topics. It would be virtually impossible to search for relevant information without the help and availability of search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN Bing or hundreds of other engines.

Each use keywords or key phrases to locate specific content on the web. With the right keywords your site will be included in the results without them your site will be left out completely.

As such, companies pay Search Engine Experts thousands of dollars to optimize their site to get them within the first 10 results on a page. You can save yourself this investment if you knew exactly what how to do it.

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