A Kick Ass Online Payment Processor For The Caribbean

You Cannot Sell Online If You Have No Mechanism To Collect Payments

One of the biggest challenge for small businesses online in the Trinidad and Tobago and in fact the Caribbean is access to a global merchant account.

This is usually the case with most developing countries. The technology is available but until there is a synergy between merchant account providers and local financial institutions the situation will remain the same. But there are alternatives.

Paypal is by far the most recognized payment platform available to merchants globally. Unfortunately, their primary target markets are the United States, Canada the UK and to some extent Europe.

Services are limited and vary from one developing country to another, in some countries the service is simply not available.

For example, in some countries Paypal can only be used to send funds or merchants are allowed a small limit on of funds they can receive.

Funds are restricted to USD so merchants are compelled to use that currency. These features limits the merchants' ability to transact business online. Now there are options. Read More Here

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