Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Stop PhoneNapping And Recover Your Lost Or Stolen SmartPhone

Can You See Yourself Calling Your Own Phone Number Begging

Last week I read a story in the newspaper about a man who was arrested after grabbing a Blackberry phone from a woman in downtown Port of Spain.

After preliminary investigation the police determined that the perpetrator was on his way to collect a ransom on another Blackberry that he had snatched a day before. He had already made arrangements to collect $1000 TTD for its safe return. Wonder if he ever heard the old clich├ęs “a bird in the hand” or “the dog with the bone”. But it’s not funny.

It was even less funny for a local comedian, Nickki Crosby, who returned to her car after a fete to find that the back window was broken and her blackberry was gone with all her precious irreplaceable memories. See story here

The trouble with any phone is when it's stolen it's gone forever. You will never find it again: gauranteed. The thief only have to remove the SIM card and replace it with their own; it's that easy, gone. Then they purchase a phone charger from one of the many retailers. You can write it off.

A petty thief or spranger will sell the phone as a used unit to some unsuspecting “wannabe a blackberry owner” for an amazingly great deal. You can kiss your phone, your pictures, directory and anything else goodbye.

Your best course of action is to just go to the store and replace it with a new one.
Funny thing, once you have owned a Blackberry anything comparable is just not the same. Means that you will be soon, sooner the better, be on the market for a new blackberry. But not if you had known and taken action to get a new software just introduced to the induatry.

RecoveryCop is your answer to a phone peace of mind.

Imagine having anti-theft software installed on your phone that is a thief's worst nightmare. It silently alerts you to where your device is right from your computer. But that’s not all.

It can sound an alarm, record SMS, give GPS location, usage, call info and recording. This is certainly the next generation of smartphone, anti-theft software.

Are you prepared in the case of phone theft or loss?

If your device is a Windows Mobile Professional edition device (a touch-screen), you will be able silently listen to the surroundings of the phone, even if the thief has changed the SIM card!

Commands can be sent using SMS from any other phone *or* you can login to your included online control panel to interact with the phone. You can also lockdown the device and play a LOUD custom alarm to draw attention to your thief or stop them from using the phone.

Right now you must be thinking that software must be pretty expensive to get in your own phone. And you are right, it would be if you had to purchase the software. It would be just as expensive as if you purchased a couple of smartphones. But you are wrong because can purchase a liscense to use the software at a fraction of the cost of owning it. Use the link below to find out more.

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