One Laptop Per Child, Can We Afford It?

This is not marketing it's common sense.

Our new government is determined to keep it's campaign promise to provide laptops for every child taking the SEA exams.

It seems like common sense to look for a laptop that would eliminate potential issues like durability, software designed specifically for children, maintenance and affordability.

The One Laptop Per Child Project is a one organization's global initiative to design and supply laptops to Third World children at a price any government should be able to afford; $100-$200 USD.

As a citizen of this country it is my duty to ensure that everyone concerned made aware of this option. Because of social networks, I can.

I am NOT affiliated with the organization therefore any and all questions should be directed to the contacts on the link provided below.

Here is a link to an article in the New York Time that discusses one aspect of the Laptop distribution; cost. Trinidad & Tobago should not have a problem with the price but due diligence on the experience of other countries. 2 Billion Laptops? It May Not Be Enough

To learn more about the organization go here.

Thanks for reading this, tell someone else about it.

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