Leh We Bet Ah Blue Nah...

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” Unk.

How would it feel to have a quick $100TTD in your pocket? If your answer is not good, stop reading, this is not for you.

If, however, you live and have a business in Trinidad you may pick up an easy hundred for a few minutes of reading a 30 page report written for Trinidad and Tobago businesses. The word "may" is used because; honestly, the bet is that you don’t.

This Caribbean Blogger post is being written for Trinbago readers. The offer is for any Trinbagoian living here and can still appreciate the value of a blue note. Like we say here “Eh much buh is sometin”.

If you have been tagged on FB, it’s because as a friend your profile indicates that you may be interested in knowing about this. I could be wrong, I have been there before. People are different, so if you totally dislike being tagged like this, please send a private message and it will not happen again. OK, let's get to the point.

Guerilla Consulting Limited, has just established a Fan page on Facebook Trinbago Web Coaching. The intention is to provide online marketing intelligence specifically for Trinidad and Tobago business owners. There are quite a few links on there right now.

The business fan page provides a portal for T&T business owners to get exposed to a variety of marketing tips, software, tools and programmes useful to any business wishing to firmly establish an internet presence.

The offer is really a bet. More like a challenge to the first 3 Trinbagoians who can prove that they know everything contained in a soon-to-be-published Special Report. OK this may attract some serious Trini online marketers so that is the reason why the offer is limited to only 3 people living in T&T.

Let me repeat it, one blue note, $100TTD, to the first 3 people who can prove that they learned absolutely nothing from this report. Fortunately he only way to do that is to read it. For anyone, this is a win-win situation, in fact better than free. If you don’t get the blue note you will get a few usable -ideas.

What this really means to you is that there must be value in the report because honestly; paying out $300 is not the intention of this campaign. The report is entitled “How to Establish a Professional Web Presence for $70 TTD in less than 90 days”. But there is more...

You also get an absolutely priceless eBook published by one of the internet’s most informed and active online marketing coaches. Rich Schefren. “The Internet Manifesto” is an must read for anyone wanting to know before they go building a web site.

Whether you have a site now or not, if you sincerely want to establish a business on the net I strongly recommend that you read the Internet Manifsto eBook. It will shift your paradigm about what it takes to establish an internet business. Rich Schefren pulls no punches; he is honest and straight forward. If you are really committed to being successful online, get AND read this eBook now.

Get it by usng the sign up form on this blog or you can go here.

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