I’m Shy About Marketing Online Too but…

“Shyness has a strange element of narcissism, a belief that how we look, how we perform, is truly important to other people.”

I was just reading a response to the Fan Survey on FB which was designed to gauge the marketing expertise of the GMC Ltd fan page. One of the respondents struck me as being a typical noobie. I think it’s because it reminded me of myself when I started out. According to the responses the person was absolutely new to online marketing.

Most of us at some point are but it was the response to the last question in the survey that caught my attention. On question #5. In your own words, one or two if possible; which two areas of marketing are you weakest?

The response was “I’m Shy”. What would you say” take the Fan Survey here.

An answer, in my opinion, that is perfectly honest. Remember the survey is totally anonymous, even I don’t know who the answer came from. It’s honest because I remember being there, in fact, sometimes I’m still a little shy with some of the things I do. I’m shy but I do it while being shy then look at the results.

There is a point where you think, “Ogosh, what if someone shoots down the idea”. “What if they think I’m a fraud and just want to rip them off”. “What if it just don’t work?” What ifs and what ifs that amounts to nothing. The Internet is a scary place when you think of the millions that view what you put out. It can be extremely frightening to someone who thinks shy.

The truth is that it’s easier when you accept the fact that not everyone will agree with what you say. Not everyone will see it your way. It’s not a risk, it’s a certainty. For me the secret is passion, if you are passionate about an idea, a business, a cause, anything that makes your blood boil then most of the shyness disappears.

With passion, half the battle is won; the other half, will face you everyday.

For those of you here who have not taken the copy of the Internet Manifesto, do it now. Put your contact info and you will have it within seconds.

You need foundational information on the Internet and how it can be used to market your product or service. Reading the Internet Manifesto will give you the foundational knowledge you need to get started.

Let knowledge and passion be the catalyst that melts away shyness.

Have a great day.

Be well

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