3rd World War - America vs China

Alarmist or Real Possibility?

When you are aware of the possibilities there are no surprises.

What affect would a war between America and China have on the Caribbean?

The affects would be very adverse to every Caribbean island from Cuba to Trinidad and Tobago.

Remember we are all hosts and owe significant sums to the Chinese.  Read a past post "Is China Colonizing The Caribbean?"

We have allowed the Chinese to become entrenched in every community.

Their modus operandi for smooth almost invisible infiltration are restaurants, grocery stores.

Lately, in Trinidad, you can't swing a dead dog without hitting a Chinese restaurant; they are sprouting up everywhere faster than tomatoes.

That is where it started, in the last few years, the have gone into the grocery food business. Large supermarkets have also began to spout up everywhere.

The real question that most of us are not asking is.

How could a Chinese immigrant who cannot even speak English, come to Trinidad and open a super duper grocery store?

Let's assume you come here with enough funds to open a grocery store as large as the stores that have been opening up in all the major commercial areas of Trinidad and Tobago.

You live in China, you have enough funds to open a grocery store in a tiny twin island like Trinidad and Tobago.  A place where, the people are accepting and really will not pay attention to the fact that you are control the very thing that they need to stay alive; food. .

Food is important, but even more important is money.  How could the Chines get a much free money from a country?  Have them give it to you with the hope that you will give them more than they gave you.

In other words, gambling.  It is a sure way to get money without having to work for it.  Did you notice how many Chinese run casinos are popping up in Trinidad?

People will do anything for money,  Gambling is the perfect money trap.  The Chinese know this.

Do you?

What would you do if suddenly you could not get food or money?

Who has and controlling both in Trinidad and the Caribbean?

View this video and you decide.

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