In Jail Since Big Bird Was a Humming Birdl, Without A Trial

3 Trending Items In Trinidad & Tobago March 4th 2016

1. Express Headline: I enjoyed the freedom, I eh touch no gun, knife, ice-pick *

An Unjust Justice System: What will it take before the people in power realize that something has to be done with the judicial system in Trinidad and Tobago.  The entire judiciary system is a remnant of colonialism.  Old laws, old systems that have not kept up with the changing times.  

We just keep doing what we were told is the right thing to do.  How could anyone justify someone waiting 12 years for a trial.  Guilty until proven innocent, this could be you or a family member. When you this is put in the light of the incredible efficiency of our law enforcement agencies, something has to be done. . 

This is just one case, when people are  put in a position where they feel their backs are against a wall there is nothing else to do but do what any reasonable human being would do.  

In the meanwhile we have a judiciary that is allotted $10.1 million for travel, they use $9.5 million they say to keep abreast of advances in the international sphere.  .

According to one comment, are we getting value for our money?

The new administration should focus on this instead of bringing new legislation to increase the fines that penalize people for not keeping there property clear of mosquito hazards. 

Yes, that is important but not nearly as important as reforming the criminal justice system in this country.  Let's get our priorities rights. 

2. Express Headline:  World figures deny wrongdoing *

Th Panama Papers; Of course we there.  There is not one incident in the world that we, that is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago is not present.  Remember the last incident in Paris, we were there, in Georgia Russia, we where there.  A citizen of TnT has been identified as being one of the "millionaires" who is hiding money in offshore accounts. According to the Daily Express:

"Express investigative journalist Camini Marajh reported exclusively yesterday that business consultant Ken Emrith who was once associated with the United National Congress (UNC) used a Panamanian Shell Corporation to channel millions of US dollars to offshore bank accounts including a US$1 million consultancy fee from a convicted money launderer connected to the Petrobras bribery scandal in Brazil". 

We wait with batted breath on more to surface. 

Is it a 2 Million Dollar Benz, turned into a 1 million dollar Benz after PM Rowley set the record right. Everyone is up in arms about this purchase.  He called the price at $970,000 and said he was told it was a good deal. Let's see what kind of a deal it was.

The newspaper reported that it was the S series, not mentioning which of the "S" but a check online revealed that the price of the most expensive 2016 Benz S600 puts the price at $376,000 USD.  That translates at $6.51 TTD per USD to a grand figure of  2,447,760.  

Maybe this is where the two million dollar figure came about. The S600 is the most expensive of the Benz S series so we could assume it was not a new S600 maybe an S500,  If we work backwards using the figure reported in the paper of $970,000 TTD ot $149,000 USD. 

That, according to what the PM was told, is a GREAT DEAL

Stop fussing, you take the donkey cart. 

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