Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Most Outlandish, Crude & Sexy Trinidad Carnival In History

Was This The Lewdest Carnival In History of Trinidad and Tobago?

That's what the pillars of society are telling the population in hindsight. Religious leaders, politicians and many other civic organizations have put in their two cents.

They objected to the media, both print and television for showing all the lewdness without regards for the children in the society.  Gyrating pictures of Carnival masqueraders or people in fetes, they are pictures of people "enjoying themselves" letting go of the normal inhibitions. A controversy now rages in the country.

According to the web analytics, most of the returning visitors to the Caribbean Blogger are foreigners. Many belong to the global diaspora with the highest number in the United States but they also are in Russia, India, China, Singapore and other far off lands.  As such, most of you must have missed the Carnival,

Today you can share in the controversial slice of the 2014 Carnival Celebration in Port of Spain.
View the video below, look at it with an objective eye.  Think about what your local friends, where ever you are, would you share it as an example of how Trinibagonian enjoy Carnival?  Have our sense of morals and ethics degenerated to this level of behavior in a desperate attempt to get momentary attention of onlookers?.

These are some of the questions being asked in Trinidad and Tobago today.  People are talking about this, and maybe in a few days something else will hug the headlines but even if forgetten for now, it will be revisited annually.  Was this ever an issue? Why now?

Will it get worse? Will the society continue to accept the demonstrations of lewd and lascivious public  behavior without any controls?  The "Carnival Spirit" is offered as an excuse for their behavior. There are other odorous spirits we know that are always involved; we volunteer to succumb to these spirits.  On politician suggested that it only happens on Carnival, so it just might be OK.

Listen to the tunes that is played to encourage the behavior, it is not just the women behavior they are just doing what the music instructs them to do.  The fact is if it's legal to give these sort of instructions in a song and being played on the radios and on the road, what are people expected to do. Few can stand still after
throwing back a couple and catching the "Spirit".

You be the judge...

Take a look and leave your comments if you dare, it could even be anonymous. 

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