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Obeah – What is it?
If you have not heard the term before now, you are not family with the black arts of the Caribbean people.  Wikipedia defines obeah as
 1. A form of religious belief of African origin, practiced in some parts of the West Indies, Jamaica, and nearby tropical America, involving sorcery.

   2. An object, charm, or fetish used in the practice of this religion.
“The practice of harnessing supernatural forces and spirits for one’s own personal use, known in some parts of Africa as ‘Obeye’ (an entity that lives within witches), has taken on many names in the Caribbean islands, such as Shango (Trinidad), Santeria (Cuba), Vodun or Voodoo (Haiti), Ju-Ju (Bahamas), Obeah (Jamaica),.   More Here

Voodoo – What is it?
According to Wikipedia:  “Voodoo is a Haitian Creole word that formerly referred to only a small subset of Haitian rituals. It is descended from aa Ayisoword referring to "mysterious forces or powers that govern the world and the lives of those who reside within it, but also a range of artistic forms that function in conjunction with these vodun energies. More here


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