Is The Chinese Colonizing The Caribbean?

China's Expansionist Strategy Portends Economic Slavery For Future Caribbean Children

I am no racist. People who live their lives based on race are controlled by an instinctive tribal desire to be superior.  This dysfunction can usually be observed in people who personally or groups have no other redeeming qualities as human beings, so they hang on to what they did not choose.   My spirit tasted racism while living in the Southern United States, 

I could still remember its bitterness even though it was many years ago.  My Grandmother used to say that good medicine taste bitter; it will either heal or kill you.  It healed me.  Not instantly, but over time I began to understand that the human race is evolving not contracting.  The world, our universe is a living organism; life manifests itself in a variety of forms.   

My religious beliefs are in sync with my moral beliefs, as such; I have been a member of the Unity Church which started in the United States by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore earlier in this century.  This New Age thought movement emphasizes the spiritual quality in every man no matter his religion, race, culture or gender. I'm married to a Filipina, for love not money and certainly not to make any statement about race. That's my confession.  Why do I think I need to confess?

Because, by establishing that fact up front to you I am able to justify what I have to say about Chinese people.  If I did not, it would be easy to think that I am just being racist.  Instead, I would prefer any other label; i.e.  regional supporter, social activist or even a nationalist but never a racist.    

You May Be Wondering The Same Thing
These observations I share with you are all personal gathered from reports on regional and world events.  This is not international politics; rather it can be considered grass root observations  with respect to a perceived Chinese plan for world domination.In a previous post I was less delicate with the headline.  I think that maybe I was just confused, trying to understand what was happening.  The post was entitle What The Hell Does The Chinese Want In The Caribbean

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these plans because at various points in history, different dominant cultures have ruled the world; Spain, France, Britain, and currently the United States hold sway on the way issues are handled globally.  The dominant country influences the language most of the world speaks, the currency that all others are pegged to and most importantly the measure of basic human freedom we enjoy.  We should tread very carefully when these basic rights to pursue happiness can be drastically curtailed. 

What Do We Know?
We fear what we don’t know and we don’t know the Chinese.  That is not entirely true, fact is that it’s what we do know scares us.  We know that China is no respecter of human rights.  Tienanmen Square proved it.  If a government can violently suppress dissenting voices at home says a lot.  What do you think their reaction would be to Blacks and Indians in little islands in the Caribbean?   Both you and I know that Caribbean people can be dominantly passive.    

We also know that China is in search of natural resources and land necessary to sustain their bulging population.  China is actively in dispute with almost every one of their neighbors for land space, Taiwan being most notable but also Japan, the Philippines, and even India.  

You may or may not know that the Chinese do not prepare short term plans like the West.  For Westerners, a five year projection is a long term plan.  Read between the lines of this Chinese proverb;

“If you plan for one year; plant rice, if you plan for ten years; plant trees, if you plan for 100 years, educate mankind.” 

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that the Chinese have decided to plant men.  They have established China Towns in almost every major city in the Western and Eastern Hemisphere.  A Chinese census revealed that the population of China excluding, Hong Kong and Macau (former British Territories) stood at 1,308,912,829 in 2010.  In words it translates to; one billion, three hundred eight million, nine hundred and twelve hundred thousand, eight hundred and twenty nine people.  

You Should Be Concerned 

Each person having the potential become a seed or host for another Chinese baby; the Chinese  one-child law is only relevant if they lived in China.   More important, to the Western countries, is the Chinese dismal record on human rights.  Almost every accepted aspect of the desired quality of human life they have disrespected or blatantly ignored.  For example, International social agencies are unable to document the precise number of annual executions that occur in China.   

The Chinese have gone on record as limiting free speech and have been known to torture and humiliate many of their social activists and people labeled as dissidents.  These issues make Western and probably many Eastern countries uneasy and suspicious about what China can do. 
Why should we be concerned about the Chinese now?   

 The truth is that this silent invasion of the Chinese did not begin yesterday.  Their plan was put in place probably before you were born and today sprouts have begun to bud.  For example, there are very few countries of any significance where you will NOT find Chinese people.  It is a well known fact now that economically China will surpass the US soon and in fact some major banks, none in the US, have begun to recognize the yen as the basis for trade.   

More recently, they have adopted an aggressive expansionist posture, courting nations globally, offering to develop the country’s infrastructure, and partnering in any project that the country will allow.  The offer is usually accompanied by a request for exchange of concessionary natural resources and sometimes as outright loans to the target countries.  

Heads up, this is important.

In Trinidad and Tobago, the population has been 1.3 million for the last 10 -15 years, maybe that count is maintained by the right number of birth and deaths.   Our primary resource is oil, Trinidad boast of the richest reserve in the Caribbean and the economy is presently on a high.  In the last decade or so, because of the large oil reserves discovered, this country has become a magnet for investors and internationally politically significant.   

Recently we, the Caribbean people had two state visits in the space of two weeks one, the VP of the US and the other by the President of China.  If you believe that lightening strikes one place twice in two weeks, then you also believe in magic.  It was not a coincidence that both countries suddenly felt a compassion for two little rocks in the Caribbean.  Trinidad and Tobago is considered an emerging economy meaning that we are not yet developed, honestly, that is the truth; we are a long way from being developed.  Is it possible that the two superpowers see some value in courting the existing governments of the Caribbean?   It’s all big international politics with issues that are too complicated to decipher but let’s simplify it for a moment. 

Neighborly Visits

Imagine you live in a community, you have what you can consider a decent piece of property and you are self sufficient.  Two of your rich neighbors from an entirely different community come to your house and offer to provide security for you.  One promises that if there is any conflict here, we can have security guards stationed in the house, with your permission, of course.  The other neighbor says that he will take care of your family’s health care.  He will give you the money to add some furniture and new appliances for the house and maybe do some renovations.  He also has enough people to do the job so your family will not really have to get involved in the construction.  The question is; what will you do?  Will you allow your neighbor to buy the furniture for your house?  There is no need to send and answer to that question.  Who would?  

I will not go into details on what the Americans or the Chinese offered Caribbean. My focus is on the Caribbean’s government reaction.  Less than two weeks after the Chinese President left Trinidad, the T&T governments’ applied for the promised funds.  The sum being in the neighborhood of $822 million TTD, the government immediately announced plans for infrastructural improvements such as a hospital, stadium, and university.    

Consider The Future Generations

That is a debt that our children and our children’s children will have to repay.  Trinidad and Tobago and all the other Caribbean islands that choose to ingratiate themselves to the Chinese to fill their coffers are putting a huge obligation on the country without asking the people in a referendum.  
The Chinese know this.  They also know that anyone with a position in our government now will not be there in 5 years.   

The fact is, that the Chinese are not stupid, they are not lending money to the present government administration; they are lending it to the country.  They do not care who is in power, one way or the other someone will be obligated to pay in cash or kind.  Reminds me of stickers on cars in North Carolina back in the early 90s, they read: “Ass, grass or gas; everybody pays”.   The Chinese is on a path to return us to slavery by way of economic colonialism.

Greed and Stupidity?

The writing has begun to appear on the wall.  Already, there is talk of giving permission to a huge Chinese company to develop a dry dock in parts of the island.  That’s permission to open a virtual side door where Trinidad and Tobago will open to the Chinese world.  Is Trinidad stupid? 
The Caribbean, as an entity, should not continue to be blinded by materialism and a few million dollars that will eventually place an unbearable burden on its future generations.  

 Before their respective governments stick out their greedy hands to grab concessions, especially as in the case of Trinidad and Tobago where there is uncontrolled corruption and obvious malfeasance.  In the case of the Chinese advances, it may be too late; however, there’s a lesson to be learned here.  Learn from the Chinese, that as a region, each country should map out a minimum of a 20 year plan for economic, infrastructural and social development.    

At a minimum they need to put the machinery in place for long term debt repayment and restitution of the moneys “gifted” to each nation.  This refers not only to gifts from the Chinese but from America, India or the British.  It will not affect us now but if we care about the future for our children we will begin to sit up and pay attention.    

The burning question for each of us is; what can we, as citizens of the Caribbean do?   

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