Indonesia Secret War Against The Papua People

Unjust, Unfair and Inhumane And Should Not Be Ignored

This got this video from a friend on Google+ and after looking at it knew that I had to share it.  Because I think and you might agree with me:

It's Unjust:  I think it was Brother Malcolm X who said that when people are enslaved anywhere, they are enslaved everywhere.

It all boils down to control of resources, real today alive and living colonialism.

This is one secret the world should know about. More people in the world need to know about this.  After all is said and done; Indonesia is a member of the United Nations.

Frankly I wish we could stat a Khony2012 campaign on this issue because it is worse than what he was doing in the Congo and Uganda. , Everybody in the world needs to know about this.  Guyana has raised it's hands in defense of these people and so should every country in the Caribbean.  Which of the islands will be the first to show support for these people.

They are surviving in the face of bold naked repression, state sponsored thuggery and global indifference these people are crying for independence.  

If not here then where?  If not now then when?  If not me then who?

It is time that injustice and oppression in such a raw form be addressed. 

View the video...

If this touches you; share with your friends, do your part against this injustice

Share with your friends. 

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