Thursday, February 7, 2013

2013 Calypso King of The Year Competition

Will The Winner Have A Rhyme Or Reason?

Well another year has passed and the time has come for another big money calypso competition. The 2013 Dimanche Gras is set for tonight, Wednesday February 7th.

Duane O’Connor last year calypso King will defend his crown.  Not giving him any negatives but don’t think he will win this one.  In fact, I think I can go a little further and say that I don't want him to win.  I know it sounds harsh but I have a question.  What has he done to improve Calypso over the last year?  I say no more.

That’s not because I don’t think he can sing, just hope he don't do it twice.  I think being the King of Calypso should mean a little more than the prize money and a brief moment in history.  Can't remember ever seeing him in a commercial.  Not really his fault, somebody say TUCO but you will have to know a little more about calypso to understand.  Suffice it to say I wish the last Calypso King go the way of the one the year before Karene Asche.  

No wonder the the question comes up  Is Calypso is dead?

Here are some of the people he will be going up against tonight.  These were the pick at the semi finals last week where 40 contestants were whittled down to 11 with one reserve.  Ok, there was no one here who know what a "reserve" is but he must know.  Maybe it’s just in case some had an accident and could not make it, the show will go on with the 12 contestant.   Who knows?

Well here’s who Duane O’Connor will face tonight.  They are:

1.      Eight-time monarch Chalk dust (Hollis Liverpool),  (if he wins he will become the calypsonian with the most National Monarch titles)
2.       Karene Asche (2011 winner) and
3.       Kurt "The Last Badjohn of Calypso" Allen (2010)
4.      Veteran singers Pink Panther (Eric Taylor) and
5.      Marvellous Marva
6.      Roderick “Mr Chucky” Gordon
7.      Eunice Peters
8.      Alana Sinnette
9.      Heather MacIntosh
10.  Kizzie Ruiz
11.  Victoria Cooper
12.  Carl;os James (reserve)

So you see why I say what I say.  Ok, here’s the deal, it’s a hard one to predict.  According to CroCro, and you will have to know who he is to understand this.  Well he claim that he was offered the crown if he would eat crow.  He said no and that’s it  

Why I bring that lil piece of mauve-langue in there is because it may or may not be relevant.  It’s really all about relevance and the ability to inform.  

 I’m batting for Kurt Allen, the last Badjohn of Calypso. Why?  Good question. 

Think maybe because he’s what you’ll call a home boy.  He’s a Facebook friend and most importantly I believe that he breathe new life into calypso. 

There should be a revival of this art form and with his dedication and believe in calypso maybe he can pull it up a notch.  

 Not trying to discount all the other contestants but like I say there are more reasons than one I would like to see the Last Badjohn of Calypso reign as Calypso King again.  

Best of luck to everyone, may the declared winner walk away with the spoils of victory. 

We'll see.  

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