How Selling Automobiles Helped To Increase My Online Traffic

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Once upon a time, many years ago my life was the automobile business.   Everything I did between wake and sleep revolved around moving automobiles; sales, management, internet set up and maintenance.  Eighty-hour weeks were not uncommon.  

This is not a tale about what I did; it is my way of sharing my experiences so that it could help you more easily understand how to leverage the internet if you own a site, affiliation or net working opportunity.   The intention is that you will be better able to maximize your success on the internet.    

Bare with me a little here and it will start making sense in a minute.  The comparison begins with compensation.  As an online business owner everything depends on you.  What you do will determine what you are paid.  You are in essence an independent contractor.    

There is an expression in the automobile business; “playing the numbers game”.  Long hours at work become play when you begin to count numbers.  That’s until you start counting the number of hours you are actually working.  Your success is determined by the number of “Ups” or “Ops” you were able to come face to face with to talk, test drive, negotiate and close a deal.  Success is in the numbers.  

Online it’s the number of clicks, views or conversions, most importantly the number of unique visitors.  This is the source of your leads and sales; your income.
An online business, just like an automobile dealer must be perceived as credible, transparent and ready to serve the visitor.   

 There is a reason why salespeople in retail automobile sales wear a suit and a tie or at least a tie.  Image affects credibility; people tend to believe people who took the time to dress up.  But that does not guarantee sales because you are all dressed up.  Same thing happens online.  

The salesperson or web site must have specific details about the product. Product knowledge for automobiles and useful content online are also essential sales conversion elements.   

By now you must be making the connections yourself. 

If not, I think you would agree that an automobile dealership or a web site without visitors will yield the exact same results.  B=Visitors is what keeps them both in business.  Now let’s leave the automobile industry and focus online.  How can you get more traffic to your web site?    

First you must realize that getting traffic is a process and not an event.  

That means that although a surge of traffic brought on by a single adverting campaign may sound attractive it’s only the beginning.  If the website is not set up to make sales, capture names and email addresses or in some way interact with visitors the traffic is futile.  What is window shopping?

On the other hand, if the site is ready to leverage the possibilities results can be entirely different.  It will still need traffic but if you add to it the capability to automatically attract visitors you will have an automatic success.   A web site needs a continuous flow of unique visitors week after week, month after month and year.     
Sustainable traffic is the problem.  What is the solution?

Funny thing is that the best things in life are free.   I may be a coincidence that the best source of traffic is free.  Search engines can provide most of the free targeted traffic.  It is free but you will not build your business only on search engine traffic.  It can be a long complicated process for a beginner. 

Guess what?  There are a number of sources for free traffic all over the internet, some good and others not so good.  Noteworthy targeted traffic generators like Google Adwords, other pay per click tactics will generate traffic but they can become very expensive in the hands of a novice.   Only engage these paid services when you have a better understanding of your options and how to use the traffic generating software that is available.  Remember you just don’t want traffic, you want sustainable traffic.  
Where do you start?

If you have a web site or even if you an affiliate or MLM nothing is more important than you understanding everything you can about internet traffic.  In fact you should do that before you get involved with any other opportunity or program.  You want to peel away the layers of traffic generating tactics and find the ones that work your product or service.  

That’s your first step.  When you can step back and look at the variety of ways of generating traffic, then choose the most appropriate one for your type of product or service is the first step in your preparation.  This is not a step you should skip.  Learn by trial and error which traffic strategy is best for you.  

Someone took the time, did the research and identified the proven, effective and free marketing tools you can use to begin understand how to play the numbers game with your online traffic. 

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