Do You Think PM Kamla Should Attend The World Health Summit in September?

She Certainly Should Because Diabetes Is One of The Leading Cause of Long Term Suffering and Death in Trinidad and Tobago

Here’s what the World Health Organizations (WHO) says about diabetes in Trinidad and Tobago.  Keep in mind that this is just one of the 4 non-communicable diseases identified as the leading cause of death globally. According to WHO:
  • T&T has the most persons with diabetes per capita in the Western Hemisphere.
  •  T&T is 5th in the world in diabetes per capita
  • Diabetes is the 2nd most common cause of death in T&T

Dead is dead.  Is there any difference between being a victim of a drive by shooting, a horrific murder, a planned daylight execution or contacting a non-communicable disease like diabetes?  

I know your first reaction is “that’s asinine” how could these cause of death be compared?  But think about it for a moment. Given the choice; which would you choose?  

That depends on your position.  Life is most times a spectator sport.  That’s until the bell rings signaling your turn to take center stage.  It is only then that it really matter.  But you know what?   

At that point, even your position here does not really matter.  

As a spectator, the thought of a violent death appalls you. I'm really not going out on a limb to suggest that most likely, you would much rather see someone die in a hospital bed after suffering four or fine years.  That type of death fits into your life style.  It gives you time to accept and digest it.  Just imagine, you can visit them in hospital or sick home, pray and utter totally useless platitudes to the dying patient and their family.  Then, quickly and quietly blend into a life of whatever.  That is more humane.

You listen in anticipation for the bell that rings for them.  All the while you don't realize that living in a State of Emergency soicety like ours the bell can ring for you long before you hear their bell.  Which is better?. 

Is it much better to see someone die from an illness than being shot with a shot gun?  Does it matter to the victim or the dead patient?

Sorry, I truly digressed.  The point of this article is to raise the awareness of the World Health Summit being organized by the United Nations.   It's a genuine attempt to reduce the pain and suffering that the world population is experiencing at an alarming rate.  For reasons mentioned above the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago should pay particular attention to this. 

This is not about any one individual but the youths, the future of every nation.  Non-communicable diseases are considered preventable lifestyle illnesses.  When a child grows up believing that its ok to eat every concievable sweet invented, drink sugar in water and smoke as soon as a parent will allow you to are all lifestyle behaviors that can be changed.  These behaviors end up as non-communicable diseases like diabetes, asthma, heart attacks, strokes, prostrate cancer and too many more to mention here.    .  

While we focus on the number of murders in our society and get “damn vexed” about the gruesomeness of many of them, people are dying by the thousands from these preventable life style diseases.  

Why should you pick up this dying cause?   If you impress on a young child the dangers of these lifestyle behaviors it will eventually save them from one of theses outcomes.   

We are all  susceptible but even if at this point you cannot save yourself.  Do you think that as an individual, a nation, a region if we bury our heads in the sand it will help the youths?  It's all starts at home but if as a nation we become aware of the dangers and we educate the youths our nation will save millions of dollars and thousands of lives.  This is a bigger threat than any two bit criminal can pose with a submarine gun. Today it is the biggest cause of death in our country.

The death toll from these diseases is projected to increase considerably in the next few years if we continue on the path we have taken and now lead our youths. The United Nations has adopted this worthwhile mission to make the world aware of these diseases, country by country.  That's the reason for the...

 Heads of Government Summit, September 2011.  

Why the heads of governments and not representatives?  

A country future health is too important to leave to representatives.  The UN has recognized that the change must begin from the top down.  They need decision maker to act and implement changes in the way we live our lives.    It's that important.  

Last word was that our PM Kamla has NOT yet acknowledged that she would attend this Summit.   

How you can vote YES for Kamla to attend this Health Summit? 

To raise the awareness of citizens and their respective Heads of Government of each country, there is now a country by country global text-in campaign for citizens of 192 nations to send a text encouraging their heads of governments to attend this global Health Summit. If they do not attend we will definitely stay on the same distructive path.  It is not for us who have lived our lives already but for the youth who will continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle.  . 

Do It Today

For Trinidad and Tobago the short code, ONLY supported by Digicel is 4325. Text YES and use the short code as the number to text.

This is a free text that registers your desire to have PM Kamla attend this summit.  They are looking for 100,000 votes from Trinidad and Tobago and at last check there were only a couple hundred.  

For more information about this local campaign join  Facebook Page  

The information cited in this article is contained in this UNDP pdf report entitled  The Diabetes Epidemic In Trinidad and Tobago.  

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