10 Most Insightful Comments on The State Of Emergency In Trinidad and Tobago

The following comments were culled from the reactions of Trinidad and Tobago Citizens in response to the current State of Emergency declared 4 days ago.  The fact is that it does not matter what message you sending, listen to what people are saying and you will hear the voice of God.

The have not been placed in any particular order.

      1.  Ahhhh hahahahaha! Our Government is a darn JOKE! Go ahead 'stooges!' Bunch ah blabbering IDIOTS! Chickens without heads! Horses heads where their tails belongs! Sottish Fools! Head has no idea what tail is doing! Continue to embarrass us on the World Stage!

"Sandy and Ramlogan said that citizens living in communities in which there are NO curfew restrictions are FREE to go about their business."

"Gibbs said as far as he was aware, the curfew restrictions apply THROUGHOUT the country."

'PIANO' man RAMLOGAN! You have to be the ULTIMATE, CLASSIC FOOL! Just FIRE yourself immediately! Have you no SHAME! The thing that you do BEST, is to TRY to COVER-UP for the UNC'S LOSERSHIP!
Let's see HOW you are going to handle this one! LOL! YOU... like your 'first lady' KAMLIAR are a TOTAL DISGRACE!
Looks like allyuh give allyuh 'stoosh, BIG BOY' CRIMINALS friends and family ah 'BLIGH' to move their Stash around, by putting 'select' Communities under curfew, while THEY were free to SECURE their ILLS and ILL-GOTTEN gains! Very CUNNING indeed! Look Gibbs! ARREST BOTH RAMLOGAN and SANDY! Do us a favour and BANISH DEM from this Country! Then work your way through the WHOLE LOSERSHIP! EVERY DARN ONE OF THEM!

"Told that the statement from Sandy and Ramlogan CONTRADICTS his own, Gibbs MAINTAINED his position that the curfew restrictions will be enforced throughout the country."

Well 'Gibbsy boi'...By any chance, Can you fill in as PRIME MINISTER for this Country, and choose a Cabinet, until we can choose someone more Worthy to Lead us! You may as well~! CLOWNS are running this Country! SMH!

2.          2.  Hi Kamla why beat the dengue drum now? you have already ran and won the race, and is now doing your victory lap. That was quite a strong performance. Great immune system. No trace of dengue, BTW, I am with you on the image issue. Who the hell cares about international image? We don't need their investments or their goods, neither do we need to export our goods to them. As for the tourist, they could go where the hell they want, they don't have to come here. We good. We could eat we asphalt and drink we oil and invest all we have now to our flourishing narco-industry, at least that brings great returns on the dollar. no talk about value for money there. By the time we get through with all this is Carnival. so go ahead. We do give a dammmmmmm about international image-e-e-e. 

3,  True to form, we eh taking care of business so good, and Kamla and Co. running like headless fowl, but is time to stop putting image over reality. Honestly we Trinis does spend too much time worrying about what the world go think. We always studying oh, it go look bad, people go talk, people go laugh, and we rather hide thing under the rug than bring out the mess and clean it up properly. So eff what the world think, we done a set of third world nowherians to them, instead of putting on a front to impress racist backsides in foreign, we should be rolling up sleeves and cleaning the place out. Is our home, who want to laugh could laugh.

4. That's what I like to see and hear coming out of your mouth Madame PM assertions don't mind you like to gallery yourself! I fully support this SoE, However as you rightly pointed out the Anti Gang Bill only covers one aspect of arrest or target group "gangs", yet its day four and no major player or players held! I am hoping that that becomes a reality within the next ten days!! You don't worry about country's image its correct the image of innocent people being slaughtered is far worse!! The World is in turmoil right now at least something here is being done to correct let's hope that this sacrifice we make now will have long term results! Don't forget we need to take back those communities !! We are watching!

5. OMG Please tell me we are beyond this stage of knowing where the curfew is in effect! This is day four and we getting contradictions !! I am so tired of the fact of bungling so many things now its not funny!! Its like watching a train wreck happen!! Please people get your statements in line before going public!!! As for the arrests I want to see some names coming up that we ALL know should be picked up including some senior Customs officials !!!

6. Not only is Comm Gibbs back, but it looks like he was not properly briefed. If he is right and the entire nation is under the curfew, some confusion will occur and innocent people may be detained.

7.  Greeting all. I could not help but sadly smiled, shaking my head as I read this article. Such a serious time/situation and officials are not on the same page. The first thing that should have taken place was a meeting with Mr. Ramlogan. As a matter of fact Mr. Gibbs should have been advised (surely he could have been reached) via text, phone or email of an urgent meeting so that he could be briefed BEFORE responding to any questions from media or anyone for that matter. This man has now been placed in a most awkward position. I feel sure that he is not used to this zig zag, now for now, manner of operation. What a mess. Is the government really serious about purging the police service and ridding the country of the drug lords - (big fish), bandits, drug mules, blind bare foot knucklehead drug sellers and the like? then please allow Mr. Gibbs to do his work. He is being paid very handsomely. I really do not think this man came to Trinidad and Tobago - sanely took on this calling - and not produce.

8.  With a little bit of patience and obedience we could acheive great things. Lets give the curfew a chance and then judge the results at the end.

9.  This is surely the land of chaos.

We start off with the PM - an experienced laywer, saying it's a "LIMITED STATE OF EMERGENCY"
Next we hear "GIBBS and EWATSKY gone AWOL" (Absent Without Leave) - which turns out to be a "storm in a teacup" because the someone didn't pass on the message to the Police Service Commission.

Now we hear ( at the very same press conference) the Police Commissioner saying there's a curfew on the entire country, while the National Security Minister says something else.

It's 1:21 am by the time the sun rises we'll have more confusion to add to this list

10. I cannot think of a bigger bunch of bungling idiots who have beel allowed to run a country anywhere in the world. The Hon. Attorney General has outdone himself. He is the quintessential liar. This country could never trust this govt again. This is the beginning of the end for the PP. What saddens me is that this very Ag was the recipient of four loaded suvs full of thugs from east Trinidad the very gangleaders he is now pursuing. These thugs formed part of his campaign escort during the elections. Aniother govt official used the muscle power and thuggery of a well known central crime boss as part of his muscle during the last campaign.This was the same thug who grabbed lands at cashew gardens. We havent heard anything from that character in a long time because he got the lands and all the contracts he wants from his government friends. Who is the govt really trying to fool. Gang leaders and criminals have direct access to Ministers and govt offuicals. Same as under the PNM regime...so nothing has changed. Our people need to rise up and demand constitutional reform,recall legislation,fixed election dates and term limits. We just cant go on this way.

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