The Winner Trinidad 2011 Calypso Monarch Competition

How It All Turned Out
Below are the results of the carnival Sunday night Calypso Monarch, King and Queen Competitions.





OK, I'm back. Just had time to post this before I went to Port of Spain. Want to put my two cents in on the competition. 

Let me start by saying that I eh no calypso judge, I never made up a calypso before so I know I cannot be a judge.

I'm a consumer of calypso lyerics but I tried going to the grand stand one Carnival and had to spend so many hours on those hard seats that I decided the best place to take it in is at home.

Good thing too, I did not see the entire show. But this is what I saw before I went into la la land. Cro Cro song was decent, a little controversial but a decent calypso. Don't think it was good enough for first prize.

The Winner Is The Loser Because...

What got me was the last year monarch, Kurt Allen, he must be feel that because he was the winner last year he could come and give we a speech. 

Yes he delivered a speech.

And that elaborate prop he came on stage with was so not calypso. I know this is the future but the praying hand thing did not work, in fact one of the golden hands fell over. IMHO he should have spent more time on the song than them props and the judges thought so too. I like when I right.

Old Man Eh Giving Up...

Then there was Chalkie, at first I was; why don't he leave that for the youths? I think his calypsos were good too very imformative to people who don't know. An old historian to end, he managed to immortalize a number of distinguished Trinis. I particularly liked his lyeric that says "Trinis good at everything except being able to run a police force". I think that was halirous but so true. We have always had a problem with that.

But when you think of it even I, who never sang a calypso before, woulda come out of retirement for a chance at 2 million. He did not make it but I bet with the "lil change" he get for third prize is more than he ever win for first. Money like peas flowing.

Benjai Come To The Wrong Competition
Last comment, I think that the man who come last deserve that place. He come in a calypso competition and trying to win with a soca song. Like going to a gun fight with a knife. He loss too bad. 

All yuh done realize that we spend, according to my calculations about 7 million just in prizes to about 20 people in the country. Like I say money like peas here.
That's a subject for another day. I not going to comment on the King and Queen costumes I even worse with that.

In the meanwhile, lets enjoy the Carnival. The results are below.

The results - Calypso Monarch:
1. Karene Asche
2. Michael Osuna, Sugar Aloes
3. Dr. Hollis Liverpool, Chalkdust
4. Devon Seales
5. Dexter Parson, Stinger
6. Kurt Allen
7. Brian London
8. Tamika Darius

9. Kizzy Ruiz
10. Joanne Rowley, Tigress
11. Weston Rawlins, Cro Cro
12. Rodney Le Blanc, Benjai

King of Carnival:
1. Wade Madray - Pacific Tsunami - 421 points
2. Owen Hinds Jr - Battle of the Marabuntas - 420 points
3. Curtis Eustace - Bozo-D Legend Lives On - 416 points
4. Marlon Rampersad - Bedazzled - 394 points
5. Lionel Jagessar Jr. - Wakinyan-Quest Of The Feather Seeker - 387 points
6. Roland St George - Pan On Fire - 386 points
7. Gerard Weekes - In The Beginning Good And Evil - 382 points
8. Glenn Dave Lakhan - The Jewel Spider - 371 points
9. Fareid Carvalho - Mr Carnival-The Return Of The Fire Man - 370 points
10. Leroy Prieto - Mukasa- The God Of Water - 350 points

Queen of Carnival:
1. Peola Marchan - "D Jeweled Chandelier" - 416 points
2. Gloria Dallsingh - "Splendour of Lights" - 414 points
3. Kay Mason - "Island Queen" - 407 points
4. Roxanne Omalo - "Serpent Sorceress" - 38
9 points
5. Gayle Marcano - "D Ruby Brooch" - 387 points
6. Cherryann Valere - "Forest Blossom" - 374 points
7. Patricia Bailey - "Diamonds Are Forever" - 373 points
8. Jenna Marie Andre - "Botanica-A Floral Extravaganza" - 372 points
9. Avernell Johnson - "Chia The Goddess" - 357 points
10.Sevell Nicholls - "In The End, Dance And Rejoice" - 356 points

The individual competitions are over. Today and tomorrow bands will be represented in every major city in Trinidad and Tobago.
Take a look at a historical video on Trinidad Carnival 1957.
What's yuh think?



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