Las Lap: Who Will Be Road March King?

Looks Like Machel Will Take That Too

A writer on the Trinidad Express felt that the 2011 Road March King will be either Machel Montano or Iwer D Boss George. Both are heavy favorites, in the Soca Monarch competition Mr. Montano with Mr. George following in a close second.

The tunes that are expected to win are "Advantage" by Mr. Montano and "Come to Me" by Mr. George.

Yesterday in the Savannah it was Advantage leanding by 15 to Come to Meh being played 9 times.

On YouTube Mr. Montano's Advantage is leading with 54,586 views to Mr. George's "Come to Me" with 18,589 view.



UpDate Trinidad Guardian: Machel takes Soca Monarch crown



With the Parade of Bans to conclude today the people choice will determine the winner.

Interesting note, some people in the Carnival industry have suggested that the People’s Choice of bands are now being determined by the radio DJs and pre= Carnival fete DJs. They say it gives the appearance that the people chose when it is actually the DJs.

People they say are conditioned like Pavlov dog when the tunes are played frequently by the local stations.

They could have a point but… are not the DJs people too? If we view the People Choice process from the time the tunes are released. Can the DJs be considered experts in catchy carnival rhythm? If we were to view holistically the people will still eventually choose.

Here is the short list of the other favorites to watch for third and forth place:

  • Trini by Benjai
  • Wotless by kess
  • Fretting for Days by Xavier

That’s the short list for this Carnival Road March.

Seems like last year’s Road March Kings are not even contenders this year.

That is mas.

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