Drama in Trinidad and Tobago Medical Profession

Spin With Circles, Not Blocks

As the muck thickens on the issue reported in my last post "Commonwealth Day Observance for Women, A blessing for Trinidad".

Since that post, the head of the union representing the nurses, the president of the Public Services Association PSA, Watson Duke, demanded an apology from the un-elected Health Minister Cornelius Baptist.  

 According to Mr. Duke, not one of the nurses had received a suspension letter.  He charged that the Minister’s announcement had traumatized all the nurses involved.

The Minister responded by instructing the Chairman of the Board of the Health Authority to fire the CEO of the hospital.  The Chairman, held a press conference to let the “dum-dum” people of Trinidad and Tobago know that the termination was effective immediately and the reason was “change in strategic direction”.    What a bunch of crap. 

Let us not mince words. Is it not obvious that when an organization  concocts a far fetched reason for termination it hurts the organization credibility?  These people shot themselves in the foot before they cut their noses to save face. .   

Apparently the Board was backed into a corner, their options limited.  How could they announce that; "she was fired her immediately because we were told to do it." or in other words "we are puppets for the government"   Instaed they opted to feed the public with nonesense. .  

There were many other options available but the action was harsh and intended to produce the greatest extent of hurt.   

"Hang them",  says Mr. Ramlogan and Jack Warner, "we can determine later if they are guilty"

Such a harsh, poorly scripted response reflects badly on the Board and has tarnished the government’s image.  Quite the opposite of what they would have preferred.   The dumbest child in school knows that the board acted on instructions from the government. No amount of “strategic lies” will change that.  But who is really listening? 

The general population’s concern revolves around proper care and attention at the hospital.  The hospital authority and by extension the government is more focused on how the minister looks to the public. 

The union, Medical Professionals Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MPATT), is coordinating a march today.  Is it that they are validating the dues they collect?  

 Their position is that the proper procedures were not followed prior to the suspensions.  They do readily admit that the proper procedures were not followed in the case of the deceased patient.  Please spare us the stupidity.   

Very few people will sympathize with highly paid doctors who almost all have private practices or are employed by for profit private medical institutions. Bringing down to the level of laborers by marching for their rights degrades the profession. 
They are protesting the suspensions of the doctors.  Who they think they are; the police?  It’s only the police in this country who can be caught in possession of controlled substance and be transferred to another station. 

Whether the right people were suspended is questionable.  The fact is somebody had to answer for the death of the young lady and the many others that have been in question.  

Everybody has an opinion and that’s mine. 

Stay blessed

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