An Amazing Story Out Of Jamaica, Rasta Yam

 More Unbelievable Than Any "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" Story

Is that a mummified child in the picture?  

This story was so unusual that I had to be shared.  Reported in the Jamaica Gleaner and is posted on the Caribbean Fever  page.  Here's the story.

It was a cool November afternoon and 81-year-old Gervin Henry had just returned to his home in Struan, Manchester, Jamaica after an early-morning trip to Kingston.  

He decided to walk down to his farm located just behind his house where he grows potatoes, bananas and yam. It's the place the sprightly golden-ager spends most of his time and he was eager to reap some bananas he had deemed ready the night before.

While he was there he decided dig a piece of yam for his niece

"I dig out one piece and then I move to another side to dig another. I tell you, I get the shock of my life!" he said.

Out of the ground, Maas Gervin pulled a roughly four-pound piece of yam like no other piece of yam he had ever seen before.

"Never in my life! Never see anything like that in my life!" Maas Gervin exclaimed.

The yam had a long split halfway up the middle and a bump at the very top. To the seasoned farmer, it looked like a man wearing a tam, on his knees, praying.

"It clear, man. Is a Rastaman kneel down and praying. I couldn't believe it. Still can't believe it," he said.

 Maas Gervin spent only a moment alone on the farm examining the tuber before rushing up to the house to show his niece.

"She frighten so till she nearly fall down. I hang it up on a pole outside the house and she just stand up there staring at it," said Maas Gervin.

"She say she don't want that piece. She say I must dig another piece for her," Maas Gervin laughed.

The Yam has since been on show at a local shop in town and Maas Gervin has plans to show it at the annual agricultural show in Denbigh, Clarendon.

 Could it be obeah, voodoo or whatever it's called in Jamaica?  Whatever it is, it boggles the mind. 

Stay blessed.

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