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A printer related a short story to me I'd like to share with you. As she related it, she was taking an order from a respected business man for 1000 business cards. In the process she asked him for the address of his website. His response was:

“Just put anything dot com”

According to her, she was totally shocked, taken aback and could only respond with a meek "Ok". Said she wanted to put She immediately lost all respect for the man.

Now that might sound unusual but there is a bigger lesson to be learned from it. You see, most business owners, especially in developing countries like Trinidad and Tobago, still have not been able to translate the internet into a meaningful business tool.

Yes, these same business owners definitely know that it’s useful; for hard to find stuff cheap, to send emails in the normal course of doing business or even to look at videos and participate on social networks.

That’s where their involvement with the internet ends. Then there is a large segment of progressive owners who have a website most if not all will readily admit that their site is useless, just online doing nothing.

What You Must Know Before And After You Build A Website

It is obvious from the sophisticated programming on many of these business sites that they were expensive to develop and probably still are expensive to maintain.

When you think that every business goes online for one purpose and one purpose only the question becomes; what happened? If you are investing and realizing no tangible revenue from it; what’s the point?

The reality is that web design as an industry is still unregulated. There are no industry standards that must be adhered to when building a business website.

Most web designers are solely web designer’s not online marketers. They take their instructions directly from the clients who, 10 times out of 10, have no experience marketing web sites.

I have viewed literally thousands of esthetically pleasing business sites that ignore one simple online marketing cardinal rule. It’s so simple that when you know what to look for on a site you too can see it in seconds.

OK, so this is what I’m leading up to here.

It takes a long time to know simple things. The web is wide and deep so although there is information on every subject under the sun, you may not have the time , the inclination or energy to get involved with the learning process. Your time is your money.

90 minutes of your attention can save you time and money getting started online?
I will point the way if you commit to the journey.

What if you knew…

All the steps you need to take before you found a web designer?

Or, if you want to do it yourself know exactly what you getting yourself into?

What if you’re able to design a site that ultimately generated revenue for your business?

Or knew the basics of internet marketing so that you can get traffic to your site?

Something that most business miss.

What if you were able to monitor the effectiveness of executing each marketing tactics with your online business?

Is that worth an hour and a half of your time?

If you cannot make it, send this invitation to a friend anyone interested in building a website is welcomed to join.

This absolutely free webinar is scheduled for the evening of July 6th at 7:30 PM from your computer.

Get the details here.

What You Must Know Before And After You Build A Website

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