How A Laugh Changed My Career Choice

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True story. Can a story be true?

This one is but now it's a story. This is my first web site building experience. It was in late 1980, I built my first website myself, and then I proudly showed my wife at that time. She was the only one that knew that I had spent months of long, solitary hours on the computer.

I was consumed in learning html, how to use FTP, basic graphic design, and all the skills necessary to put up a web site. I was in the automotive industry so I bought a domain name "". Somehow managed to put together a site using everything I knew at the time. There were animated cars, flashing letters and movement all over the page; it was a marketing nightmare online.

That site would have been a total online marketing failure. My wife took one look at it and bust out laughing like I had just cracked a joke.

Did she hurt my feeling? Can't remember but I do recall us separating a couple of years later. I’m sure that was not the reason. In fact, her reaction was my big AH HA moment.

I, like most people, make a sincere and conscious effort to be open minded.
I think we learn more that way even when the mind says differently. The idea of the ego being offended by someone's actions becomes unacceptable, a mental drain. In fact, even if it seems like the thing to do is "get even" the more enlightened approach would be to empathetic.

I appreciated her feedback. Homo sapiens are social animals with an instinctive desire to communicate, express an opinion, agree or disagree with contradictory points of view. To be different is to be anti human which is not possible because as humans we are almost always are well intentioned; at least in our own minds. If we feel offended we...

Instinctively, like turtles, pull into ourselves fall into an abyss of negative thinking that triggers the power of attraction and viola.

My wife's laugh did teach me an important lesson. What I learned was that perception is personal. Building the site was a huge accomplishment but to put it in her words; "it looked like "shit". She was serious and I must admit right, her laugh made me rethink my whole approach to the Internet. I'm thankful for her laugh and her strong opinion.

It made me realize that knowing the mechanic of putting up a web site is not as important as people's perceptions when they visit the site. In other words understanding the power of internet marketing and what it can do for a business.

That was a long time ago and since then I have managed the construction of many web sites for large automobile dealers like 128 World of Transportation in Boston Ma. There we increased unit sales volume by 20 percent with the addition of an internet department.

Approximately four years after establishing that dealership online I move off independently as an "Automotive Internet Consultant" setting up sites for small and large dealers.

Today I would like to invite you to a free web building Webinar.

Please only attend if establishing your business online interests you.

If you are thinking about building a site or if you have a site that is not working register for the Webinar. Even if you cannot attend, register and you will be emailed a recording.

Take a look at the video below, it's not perfect, it's a special invitation to the webinar. Check it out below or view it on Youtube.

Or go directly to the registration page click here.

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