Thursday, May 6, 2010

4 Useful Web Tools That Can Hurt Your Site

website download speedAlfred Hitchcock, the famous drama/suspense movie director and producer said it best when he was quoted as saying that if a scene in a movie did not contribute in some way to telling the story; cut it out.

Today web designers can use literally thousands of feature rich websites with widgets, tables, videos, high resolution graphics and java scripts to awe visitors but they can also slow the download of your site. The internet is now super fast and if the designer knows how to install them; why not?

The truth is they can literally kill your visitor count.

As you may well appreciate, there are still thousands of dial up connections all over the world and especially in Trinidad and Tobago.

Many will not get an opportunity to view your site although they will still be counted by your analytic as bounced visitors. (a bounced visitor is one who visited but did not stay). It is important to know how fast your website loads.

There are a number variables that affect the load speed of your site. Out of your control are variables like your visitors ISP server connections or web traffic density but there are four specific category of web tools that you have complete control over.

This post explores these four categories of web tools and what you can do to ensure that that your web site download speed is maximized. Maybe your designer did not mention them. Read more here...

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