20 Critical Questions You Must Ask Your Web Designer - Before Building A Site

It's Always Better To Ask A Question Before Than Pay Later

A website can be an electronic money pit. Or, it can become an important element of your overall marketing strategy.

Website design and development is a relatively new industry and as such there is not much information on how to build a successful revenue generating website.

Depending on the purpose and complexity of a site, investments in the Trinidad and Tobago web market can range in the low $2000 $3000 TTD for a basic site, to $20,000 to $30,000 TTD for a complicated site. The lower end representing sites developed by individual designers and the later web developers. You can find an explanation of the difference between a designer and developer; here.

You should consider the construction of your site is a team effort with the designer being the creative part of your team. Your responsibility is to supply the content you will like to include on the site.

Hopefully you have already done your homework with respect to developing a purpose and business model for your site. At this point your primary question is…

How do you find the right web designer?

Keep in mind that once a site is built, delivered and accepted your contract has been stratified. Unfortunately, the idea of a website is a “work in progress” which is a nice way to say; expect changes. At that time you may realize the real price of questions you neglected to ask before the site was built.

Most business owners at this point, throw up their hands and decide, even against their better judgment, to leave the site exactly like it is. Their rationale is that it is better to have a web presence than none at all. That is exactly why you need to ask these questions...

The Web Designer Interview

It’s time to build; you have developed your content and know the business model you will use. If you don’t know yet, you will discover that there are literally hundreds of designers in Trinidad and Tobago who can build a site. From self taught web designers to full fledged development companies, all providing seemingly same results.

Let’s just assume that after reviewing the designer’s/developer’s portfolio you decide that a particular designer does exactly what you are looking for. Consider that you will be hiring this designer/developer to work for you. The following questions should be part of your initial interview with them.

You need the answer to the following questions:

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