Quick Online Payments

Are you still mailing or hand delivering invoices?

Before I found Freshbooks, the online invoicing software, My invoices were created using Excel. Not very professional looking but even with a template it took some time.

Freshbooks is a refreshing change. I have been using it for over a year now and it has saved time that I can now use doing something else. I have even had clients who remit a bank wire transfer on the same day that they get the invoice. Freshbooks makes sense to me.

For example, not only was it easier to create invoices but they provide time tracking, or I could print out the invoice and snail mail it. In a few cases my clients were able to pay using online payments like Pay Pal.

One great feature was the ability to pre date late notices so that clients would automatically be notified that a payment was past due.

The biggest benefit, to me, was the time it saved. Hours of time billing, following up, keeping records and believe it or not I'm getting paid earlier.

I used the free option until I was convinced that it worked and then upgraded.

If you ever had the problem of sending online invoices you should check out Freshbooks, it is a time saving alternative.

Stay well.

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