Saturday, February 27, 2010

Does Your Website Need Traffic?

One Way To Ensure A Constant Stream Of Traffic

When it comes to Internet Marketing, there are a lot of material out there that are basically rehashed ebooks that go on about the same tiresome things. I was half expecting Instant Fast Traffic to be the same, because admittedly I’ve become jaded to these products that are churned out on a regular basis.

I even had the intention to check it out, and then refund before the 60 days guarantee expired. Surprisingly however, I found that Instant Fast Traffic was a diamond in the rough, because the strategies covered within all its three modules were intriguing, to say the least.

Get Traffic Here

The brains behind Instant Fast Traffic are Joel Chue and Alvin Huang, guys I haven’t even heard about, but if Instant Fast Traffic is anything to go by, these guys are the ones to watch.

Instant Fast Traffic is a 3 Module guide on traffic generation strategies, and each module is guaranteed to give you a free pass to a massive source of traffic from practically anywhere on the Internet. You’ll find strategies covering link building to article directory submissions, and even social networking. Let’s take a closer look at what these 3 modules cover.

The first module, called Search Domination Traffic, talks about strategies in which any marketer can use to get their websites optimized for search engines through link building.

From email signatures to classifieds to web rings, these elements are often overlooked, but surprisingly highly effective in getting your links out there for the droves of traffic to click through. I personally have never thought of using Wikipedia as a source of free traffic, so it came as a surprise when I discovered that I could indeed funnel traffic from Wikipedia and onto my website.

The second module, aptly named Content Traffic Invasion, covers content strategies and viral strategies. In essence, it teaches you how to optimize your sites and links using keywords, how article directory submissions can give you those much needed backlinks, and how forum marketing can be a highly effective tool in your traffic generation efforts.

It also covers strategies that can make your links viral, from using quizzes to giving away free content, and even using Resell Rights Products to generate massive traffic to your sites.

The last module, Underground Traffic Funnels, discusses ways social networking sites can be used to promote your links, and how one can make their links even more viral through these sites.

From social bookmarking to using MySpace and Facebook, Joel and Alvin leaves no stone unturned as they discuss practically every aspect there is to know about getting your links out there through social networking, joint ventures, and even offline strategies that you can leverage on.

Newbies don’t even have to worry about getting lost in all that information. There are process maps that detail exactly what needs to be done in a easy-to-understand guide for each of the modules, so

I don’t see where anyone can’t succeed using the strategies discussed in Instant Fast Traffic. All in all, this is one resource I would recommend if you’re in need of a quick – no, instant – traffic boost.

Instant Traffic Here

Web Wisdom Works

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Coming Soon the first in a series “Web Wisdom Works” Special Reports.

“How To Establish A Web Presence For $70 TTD Within 90 Days”.

In this exclusive report you get a strategy that any business in Trinidad and Tobago, in fact in any local community in the world, can use to quickly establish a professional business web presence.

Using free available resources the strategy is laid out in detail. Read an excerpt below that attempts to shift a pervasive paradigms embodied in seven myths.

The strategy outlined in the report will get you new targeted business in Trinidad without spending a dime if you already have a site or a blog. Its intrinsic value is not in what it says but what you do with the information in the report.

To set a generous price on the report I would say it would be worth about $50 USD or approximately $300 TTD. The reason is because a lot of the information in the report is available online but it is how the information is used.

This report focuses on businesses in Trinidad and Tobago or local businesses so it is more relevant to a local situation. What would it cost t stop running around like a chicken without a head on the internet. But there is a surprise ending to this story.

The report will be offered on my new site which has been delayed and is another story that would take up too much of your time. That will be resolved soon.

Be one of the first to get notified and read this report.

Leave your name and email address on the web form on the side “Web Wisdom Works” and you will be one of the first to get this report. No charge, absolutely free.

Three Cultural Myths

Monday, February 22, 2010

What Is Your Web Site's Business Model?

Read This, Then Evaluate Your Site

Last week I promised a post on video marketing, unfortunately that did not work out. Let’s just say that I would not comfortable endorsing it. When I do find one I can endorse I will let you know but in the meanwhile lets continue discussing web sites.

Today’s post is about the second biggest web site pre-build mistake many business owners make after their decision to build a web site. Actually, there are too many web sites without a business model. Its really easy to tell which sites may be making a living online and which site is not.

Business model

According to Wikipedia the online encyclopedia describes it as: the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value - economic, social, or other forms of value. The term business model is thus used for a broad range of informal and formal descriptions to represent core aspects of a business, including purpose, offerings, strategies, infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practices, and operational processes and policies.

Wikipedia went on to describe a very simple example of the most basic business model: A shop keeper open his doors in a busy location hangs out a sign and starts doing business. Fast forward to 2010, the shop keeper builds a website and… Wooo there tiger, its not the same. A web site is not a “busy location” but it could be.

Wikipedia goes on to provide examples of online business models. It names quite a few models you can copy from or implement on your site. Offline businesses should focus on “brick and click” or “freebie marketing” models. When thinking of your business, it’s recommended that you do not “think inside the box” if you get this business model thing right the rest becomes… well not easy but better.

Don’t Sell

Offering your products or services for sale does not work on information seeker or casual visitors. They are interested and may even be seriously searching for the solution you provide but not right now. If your site is all about you and how great you are without a mechanism to convert visitors, you should ask this question.

How does my web site help my business generate revenue?

An essential ingredient of your online success is the business model you choose. Every site is different and even sites in the same industry can use different business models. The tendency is for businesses in the same industry to blindly follow the competition hoping to duplicate their success. The “if it works for them it will work for us”; is the mindset that normally proceeds a major investment in advertising.

Unfortunately, online and especially in our local market there are not a multitude of competitive examples to identify. The irony is that many of the existing businesses on line are doing it wrong.

Information Seekers

Let’s face it the only reason people are online is to gather free information. Any attempt to sell must be subtle. A well designed web site (by design I mean copy and web design) must be able to persuade a minimum 2 to 3 percent of visitors to take a predetermined action. Anything above that percentage is gravy. The trick is for your site to attract as many visitors as possible so that that small conversion rate befire your site can become a significant revenue generator.

A Filter

View your site as a huge funnel that you use to process all your visitors. Some will fall into the funnel where you can begin to process them. Even those that enter the funnel are not necessarily sold on your product they want to know more about what you have to offer.

Build Relationships

Your marketing campaign should be designed to build a relationship with the subscriber. Expect the 80/20 rule will be in full effect here, i.e. 80 percent of your web site conversions will not buy anything from you business; period. Here are some questions you need to answer…

Can you define your online business model?

At what point do you convert visitors into prospects then buyers?

What are the steps necessary to get your visitors interested in your product or service?

What happens prior to your prospect to dipping into there wallet?

How can you be sure that the site you put up is working to capacity?

Essentially what you need to do is reverse engineer the process and identify each and every step in the transaction.

By now it should become apparent why your online business model should compliment your online purpose. Your site must have at least one marketing tool to convert visitors into performing a specific action. Without some way of getting a causal visitor back to your site the chances are, like we say in Trinidad, between slim and none.

Take a look at your business site, pretend you are a visitor; what would you do? How can you change it so that most of your visitors raise their hands and say; “Yes, I’m interested, I want more information”.

That’s the first step in the process. Without it you are just drifting aimlessly.

Make a comment or PM me with your questions.

Be well

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

10 Reasons To Build A Web Site

Do not, for one repulse, forego the purpose that you resolved to effect. William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616), 'The Tempest'

Yesterday, the idea of having a purpose for your site was introduced. Today we want to expand on that a bit because it’s absolutely essential that you identify a purpose before you actually build a site or even talk to a web designer. So what is the purpose of building your site?

With an offline business the answer is easy, it’s to promote the business and ultimately generate more revenue. But like we said that is the general purpose of most websites.

Let’s get more specific with your purpose. Here are the 10 biggest reasons to build a web site, see how your purpose fits into this.

1.A web site that educates your existing and potential customers of your products and services or any special program you may introduce. This purpose assumes that you have a data base of existing customers and your site is set up to increase your customer base. This type of site is most useful if your product is technical or unusual and customers need to be educated before they purchase.

2.A web site that enhances your company’s professional image. This is essentially an online brochure where you tell about the company and it accomplishments, location and staff. This is your most indirect approach to a sale. It is not the best purpose for a site to generate revenue.

3.A web site that provides improved customer service. The entire focus is on assisting your customers after the sale. Reducing buyer’s remorse or providing direct assistance in the form of information or customer service personnel to resolve post purchase issues. This is a very good strategy for building a data base of loyal customers.

4.A web site that can be used as an extension of your newspaper, TV ads or direct contact with potential prospects. There is no easier way to distribute unlimited information to hot prospects. Your site can be the first stop before the actual sale.

5.A web site that strengthens your position in the market place. That is if you are already firmly positioned in a competitive market. A web site used for this purpose must differentiate you from all of your competition by what you do, have or provide with your product or service.

6.A web site that develops a list of qualified prospects as a lead generator for your business. An automated process that sifts through suspects from prospects. The ultimate goal of this type of site is to increase your present sales or position in the market place.

7.A web site that makes product or service information available to current customers. This must be designed to serve the needs of your current and future customers in a way that no one else does. You can make service information available to customers and/or distributors.

8.A web site that takes your business global YOur intention here is to attract global customers and simultaneously expand the reach of your product or service into other parallel markets.

9.A web site that establishes your web presence. Image is extremely important to some businesses and a website enhances that image. But a web presence is not a web site although as a business it is challenging to establish a presence without a professional site.

10.A web site that provides links to other relevant sites. This would assist your customers in accessing information that is not readily available. This strategy can be leveraged with a forum where customers can interact with each other.

As you can see, there are many reasons to establish your web site and even though you could combine or integrate, there must be one purpose that guides you and is considered primary to everything you put on your site.

Hopefully, you noticed that not one of the above purpose is to sell your service or product. Your selling happens offline unless you have a instant downloadable product, stop trying to sell on your site. Pre sell, entice and seek to funnel your visitors.

Your purpose is, and should always be, unique to you. This purpose will guide everything, e.g. your tone, structure, navigation and even the copy on your site.

For example, if you decided that your primary purpose is to generate interest and leads for your product or service. All you may really need is 1 capture page that collects your potential customer’s name and email address. In this case there is no need for a five or six page site that provides the prospect with all the details of your product/service.

OK, so now I think that should be abundantly clear but we need to be sure. If you are still unclear about the purpose of you site please ask a question.
We received many private emails about yesterday’s post but not many online comments.

It appears that most of you would prefer not to discuss your site in public. That’s ok, just keep the emails coming. Comment, suggest or express your opinion even if you don’t agree with anything said here. The channel is on and open here.

Thank you and be well.

P.S. Tomorrow I want to jump ahead a little because I have just come across this awesome tool for your website that I just must share with you. It a web based video creation tool for your site. Don't think I have to tell you how important video is to marketing. So look out tomorrow for the post.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is Your Business Web site Useless?

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts."
Albert Einstein

Ogosh man; that question is so insensitive.

Ok, I’m sorry I asked it like that but I just wanted to get straight to the point, not to beat around the bush. In reality beating around the bushes is safer because what’s in the bush is unknown.

The tactful, indirect approach is more likeable because it appears more sensitive, unassuming and compassionate. All enduring qualities I’m sure but in the end its fluff and no substance. To get to the truth you need hard questions.

This blog will carry a series of posts focusing on business web sites in Trinidad and Tobago. We want to drill down into what it takes to build, market and maintain a professional web presence that is actually a business profit center. We want to discuss your experience, not mine, therefore your participation is required. You will get out of it what you are willing to put into it; nothing more or less.

The question is sincere and honest because your web site could be useless.

The fact is that very few business people give their web site a second thought once it’s launched. The reason is simple, they believe that because there are millions of people on the web, when a website is launched anyone can visit. True. In fact they imagine that their customers will be the first to find them. Not true, sadly a web site is not something that you build and they come. Marketing your site MUST BEGIN BEFORE it’s built, NOT AFTER.

Now, do you see the point of my question?

Answer 3 more questions about your business web site.

Be honest with yourself, if you have a site and you were instrumental in building it. Share the answers to the questions only if it’s not embarrassing. Get help if you need it because web sites, unlike wine, do not get better with age. Without marketing, it can only get worse. The questions are:

1.What is or was the purpose for your site when you built it?
Don’t say just to make money that is the universal purpose of every business web site. Here’s a hint; if you do not have a shopping cart or pay pal button on your site then you are attempting to make money indirectly. But do you have any marketing tools on your site? Share or think about the purpose of your site.

2.Directly related to your site’s purpose is its business model. Do you use a business model on your site?
If your site is made up of a series of pages about you, your product and directions to your store that is not considered a business model. By the way, having a contact page rarely generates inquiries. The internet is not the yellow pages and have you noticed that you don't need the yellow pages anymore, even here in Trinidad.

3.Do you, or is someone under your responsibility, tracking your site metrics?
One of the best features of the internet is that everything can be tracked and linked back to someone or some site. If you do not know where your visitors are coming from how will you get more or know if people are even visiting your site?

Ok the answers to you might be a bit troubling. If you do not like the answers you come up with to any of those questions, its ok, you know how misery likes company. The internet is full of sites like yours because many other sites owners are doing exactly as you are.

Web designer do not talk much about what happens AFTER your site is launched because if they did you would probably have opted to leave the internet alone.

I’m here to help. If you are stuck on any of the questions just make a comment.

Again, I’m here to help you, at least to point you in a direction where you might get answers. This is a two way street, if the questions I asked are not what you are concerned about, then ask your own questions.

Tell me what you will like to see me write about. Even if you are in the thinking stage; ask.

I will respond to any and all questions that relate to your web site marketability or establishing your web presence.

This is an invitation to a conversation. Monologues are boring.

If you own a website but not satisfied with its performance, contact me.

If you are thinking of establishing a web presence and need some direction, contact me.

Or, just make a comment, private mail me. I will respond to each and every question in the same format in which it was asked.

If you wish, I will do a quick evaluation of your site and provide you feed back on any areas that, in my opinion, can be improved.

Please, do not take this offer if you believe that your site is perfect and cannot be improved.

The floor is all yours now.

The Other Side Of Carnival

"Find purpose, the means will follow. -Gandhi"

OK, somebody had to say it. There is another side to carnival that is understood but ignored. Today is officially Ash Wednesday in Trinidad and it's more like Wine down or is that whine down Wednesday. Today is a day of rest and tomorrow it's Beyonce.

And as we enjoy the time, quietly, steadily and illegally, a smelter is still being built. There is another side of Carnival we should face.

Stumbled upon a video that you should view. It's about life in Trinidad & Tobago the day after carnival and what the creator called "The Other Side of Carnival" Produced by Stephanie James who I do not know personally but think she did a great job articulating the unspoken and unadvertised. Take a look at it from the link below.

Our new web site will be launched next week and in preparation a new series of posts will be started shortly, (meaning as soon as I can get to it). Stay tuned.

If you are in business in Trinidad or thinking of going into business and want to get a direct update on the launch follow me on Twitter. If you are on Facebook, join the FB Marketing Group here

The Other Side Of Carnival Video
The Other Side Of Carinival Web site

Be well and don't take life too seriously; smile.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The 2010 International SOCA Monarch Finalists | Trinizagada

The actual selection of the Soca finalist compliments of a local blogger Trinizdagada. Infectious music. Click the link below to listen. Thanks Trinizagada.

The 2010 International SOCA Monarch Finalists | Trinizagada

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