Saturday, February 27, 2010

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Coming Soon the first in a series “Web Wisdom Works” Special Reports.

“How To Establish A Web Presence For $70 TTD Within 90 Days”.

In this exclusive report you get a strategy that any business in Trinidad and Tobago, in fact in any local community in the world, can use to quickly establish a professional business web presence.

Using free available resources the strategy is laid out in detail. Read an excerpt below that attempts to shift a pervasive paradigms embodied in seven myths.

The strategy outlined in the report will get you new targeted business in Trinidad without spending a dime if you already have a site or a blog. Its intrinsic value is not in what it says but what you do with the information in the report.

To set a generous price on the report I would say it would be worth about $50 USD or approximately $300 TTD. The reason is because a lot of the information in the report is available online but it is how the information is used.

This report focuses on businesses in Trinidad and Tobago or local businesses so it is more relevant to a local situation. What would it cost t stop running around like a chicken without a head on the internet. But there is a surprise ending to this story.

The report will be offered on my new site which has been delayed and is another story that would take up too much of your time. That will be resolved soon.

Be one of the first to get notified and read this report.

Leave your name and email address on the web form on the side “Web Wisdom Works” and you will be one of the first to get this report. No charge, absolutely free.

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