Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Other Side Of Carnival

"Find purpose, the means will follow. -Gandhi"

OK, somebody had to say it. There is another side to carnival that is understood but ignored. Today is officially Ash Wednesday in Trinidad and it's more like Wine down or is that whine down Wednesday. Today is a day of rest and tomorrow it's Beyonce.

And as we enjoy the time, quietly, steadily and illegally, a smelter is still being built. There is another side of Carnival we should face.

Stumbled upon a video that you should view. It's about life in Trinidad & Tobago the day after carnival and what the creator called "The Other Side of Carnival" Produced by Stephanie James who I do not know personally but think she did a great job articulating the unspoken and unadvertised. Take a look at it from the link below.

Our new web site will be launched next week and in preparation a new series of posts will be started shortly, (meaning as soon as I can get to it). Stay tuned.

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The Other Side Of Carnival Video
The Other Side Of Carinival Web site

Be well and don't take life too seriously; smile.

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