Sunday, January 10, 2010

Are You Cold Yet?

Reading reports out of Europe and the US shivers my imagination with memories of many harsh winters spent in New England. I know that professional weather men can miscalculate and instead of light snow whiteout blizzards hit.

I recollect my initial amazement at the attention everyone paid to the weather reports. That amazement quickly turned to appreciation when I experienced the quick changes in the weather.

Before I left Trinidad, maybe because I did not pay attention, the weather and the temperature was not important. In this region there is a rainy season and dry season; that’s it.

Two months ago the Commonwealth Head Of Government met here to discuss climate change. Maybe that had something to do with it but suddenly...

It’s cold here now. Most locals would agree the nights and early mornings are a lot colder than it has ever been. Cold for the natives here is anywhere near or around 70 degree F., mormally it like this.

Even people who know the cold feel it here. A family member who is visiting from Boston and staying in Santa Cruz was complaining to me about how cold Trinidad had become. This from a man who had to shovel his car to catch the plane here.

Point is climate change is beginning to happen, Caribbean people must pay attention.

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