Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Climate Change; Will It Affect Future Sex?

I just read an article on Climate Change and I literally laughed out loud. The fly on the wall must have thought I went crazy.

Unfortunately, it was no joke, serious research was done to come to the conclusion that the accelerated rate of human reproduction contributed significantly to the damage to the ozone layer.

The fact is that with less human constantly emitting carbon dioxide the planet itself would take longer to implode. Organizations like the 350 Movement is determined to lobby for the reduction of emmissions.

Almost every high school educated child knows that humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. We learned that the trees and plant vegetation sucks up the carbon dixoide we breathed out. Compared to a few hundred years ago there are not many tree left, we have found so many uses for wood.

To be politically correct, emissions from humans is only one contributing factor according to one Family Planning organization in UK . the Optimum Population Trust. This organization's ulterior mission is to reduce the world population with proper family planning initiatives.

Ultimately, they reason it would assist in stemming the destruction of the ozone layer. They have done the research and if you have the time you could read all about it here.

OK, maybe I do have a sick sense of humor but I thought it really hilarious that each and every one of us is responsible for climate change. We contribute signficantly with sheer numbers; we are part of the problem.

Stretch your imagination a bit and you can begin to rationalize feelings when 10,000 people in some remote part of the world die from natural disasters, viruses like aids, swine flu or even wars.

All these occurrences makes it possible that the world will last longer. Its fine unless of course it hits home in any form be it natural disaster, disease or death from unnatural causes. Selfish huh?

And, as far as our tendency to reproduce with seemingly no environmental consequence; that portends to be a thing of the past. And of course this adds another dimension to the abortion controversy.

Thinking forward, sooner or later governments will begin to implement legislation to limit the number of children each family is allowed, similar to what was started in 2000 in China and is responsible for preventing over 250 million births since then. Imagine for a moment 250 more people breathing out carbon dioxide. That is only a whisp of what we have now.

Well maybe I should not have laughed.

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