Does Twitter Make Sense To You?

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

In today’s electronic age, create a mouse trap and expect a thousand ways to improve or monetize it.

Twitter is like the Pipe Piper playing a tune of sweet, melodious music while millions follow; it’s a free mouse trap. Thousands have started spin off businesses based on Twitter existence.

Yes, the Piper’s music is attracting what appears to be little mindless creatures each, with one primary goal; to be followed. Most promise to follow back, anyone that follows them. A select few are followed by the thousands; they follow only a few or none at all.

To the uninitiated all the following seems senseless. Twitter can easily be discounted by the neophyte internet user as a waste of time because it’s simple and easy to use. The skeptic’s obvious question is; Why follow little pictures with short bios and constant chatter responding to “what are you doing right now?” Who really cares what anyone is doing? Hmmm Do you?

And while here. How many people can any one person really follow? If you are familiar with Twitter you have seen the numbers, 23,000, 50,000 almost unrealistic. Now how does that work? Believe it or not there is a method to all the madness.

The reality is that Twitter is a marketer’s dream.

Twitter is a social media network, basically a network where anyone can enter a user name and password, access the network , meet and choose who to follow, i.e. get access to their tweets. It is a micro blog much like this blog but with a 140 character limit.

Some tweeters take the Twitter leading question literally. Their tweets are all about when they go to the bathroom, eat a sandwich, brush their teeth or leave for work. In other words too much information that has led to quite a few examples of tweets getting people in trouble.

The more professional tweeters tend to stick within their niche or area of specialty. Although there is a growing controversy about whether one should only follow people with like interest to learn and share from like minded tweets or just follow anyone because the world is really made up of everyone.

Please note that it's not advisable to follow people indiscriminately, even Twitter will eventually limit your ability to follow in relations to how many people are following you back. Twitter has set a 10% follow ratio, ideally the number of people you follow should be on par with the number following you.

If for example you are using Twitter to market. By just following marketers and getting ideas from them if you ever wanted to market on Twitter; who will you market to?

By now you are probably starting to realize that having a large following does give you more reach as a business person, entrepreneurs of even a large corporation. Your markets are the millions of tweeters who are responding to the question; ” What are you doing right now?”

It is totally amazing to see the number of immediate visitors to websites within a matter of minutes when a well crafted tweet is posted. This is even better than any pay per click program; it’s instant and free.

The trick with Twitter is that the more followers you have and people you have following the higher the possibility that your tweets will meet with eyeballs that you follow or is following you. There is a guarantee that not every eyeball will click, but the chances are higher.

Keeping in mind that not all the followers are sitting at their computer with the live twitter stream flowing; the tweet window is very small. The more followers you have the more exposure your idea or link will get and potentially more visitors will mean more income for you and your business.

There are a number of free services to build your following on Twitter but I have found that is free, simple and effective his here.

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