Sorry Trinidad Express, We Need Real News

Why Mama I Switching To The Trinidad Guardian

"Tonz, did you get my newspaper?".

My mother called out to me as she usually do every morning. She is a new junkie, an addict to news; newspaper. TV and radio.  Recently, she figured out how to get more news on her smart phone.

In my humble opinion, citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, along with the rest of the world were all totally blown away when Donald Trump won the elections in the US.

We in the Caribbean, loved Obama and anything he say we should do, we do.  If he ran in the Caribbean he would lose.

Since then, the Trinidad Express has been milking the elections. Almost like creating news from speculations. The Donald said that as soon as he took office he will be deporting over 11 million illegal aliens.

The Express kept busting headlines, one after the other, almost as if they want to make the populace jittery about what Trump will do when he takes office in January.

Here's the headline story for yesterday Trump To Deport 3 Million with the implication that we in Trinidad and Tobago will be faced with receiving an overwhelming number of deportee.

Maybe the circulation increased yesterday because today there is a new headline. the Express Editor in Chief is on a roll.

Today's head line: "No Room For Deportees" with a sub headline that PM Rowley saying that all citizens has to be accepted.  Like they expected him to say, no these deportees are no longer welcomed in T&T.

But here is the real story behind the head line, talk about scaring people: Deportees Already Coming
Think about it, a deportee just decides that since Trump won he got on a plane and is coming home. What nonsense. After reading that you will understand.

The story implies that people who are in the US illegally, not deportee, maybe coming home now.  (Remember it's 3 million of them)

Why would the Express do this?

Even today's editorial is all about Trump On The Backs of Angry Voters

Need to report relevant news? Need to increase circulation? Sincerely believing that what is happen in the US now must be important to T&T citizens?  Whatever the intention the affect is that this topic becomes the topic of the day.

Wrong direction but let's go for the ride.

Imagine if you are illegal in the US and you are in touch with home, you would be trembling, feeling really apprehensive.

But people here are thinking, we have enough problems, we don't need more criminal deportees here.  Asking PM Rowley answers about whether he would accept deportees is another attempt to create news from nothing. .

We need answers on:

  • Life Sport and the over $400 million dollars?
  • On the 8 HDC officials indicted now at the DPP for prosecution?
  • What is happening with the lands sold and leased in Chargaramas?
  • Dana Seethahal assassination or hit whichever you prefer, even
  • The price of oil and what we are doing to diversify the economy

This could go on for awhile, but we will stop there....

We are not going to see 3 million deportees here.  Far from it. In addition, the National Security Minister Dillion can make inquiries to the US now and find out the number of Trinis now facing deportation.

Instead the Express is attempting to scare the citizens of T&T with non news.

Yes there must be preparations made, and yes  Mr. Wayne Chance should be included in the preparations.  But please, don't use the good he has been doing to sensationalize the news.

Tell us what we want to hear about, not make up stories with no real bases. What Donald Trump says does not constitute a national disaster, don't sensationalize prospective possibilities to sell newspapers; this is news, things that happened already, not fortune telling.

Today even my mother says she is fed up with the Express and the news they are reporting.  Last  Sunday and Monday she read the Guardian and felt the news was more relevant.  She is seriously thinking about switching to the Guardian for her daily paper.

People want news real news, so many people feel that hearing the news keeps them in touch alive. But when the media fabricates news to increase circulation, Houston has a problem.

Here is an example of the news that should be news but is buried on page 9 if today's Trinidad Express.  1000 New Diabetic Cases Annually in T&T  Doctors Say we are "2 times the global average".  No link because it was trumped by politics, more important how many deportees to expect,

To learn more about the problem we are having with diabetes here  read the Trinidad Newsday article "11 Among Top Countries With Diabetes"

The media should hold themselves responsible to report real news, not what they think will happen,  Leave that to the priest and pastors in the land.

Vote for real news. .


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