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Trinidad and Tobago is full of good and bad news.  Occasionally, when the feeling comes or the occasion demands, trending issues, topics that are important to the country will be shared here.  The recent stats on this blog indicates that the Diaspora outnumber the local by at least 5 times more than local IP addresses. 

I have decided to campaign for more interaction on this blog, before it was not a concern, people followed because either knew who I was or they found it interesting. 

The Caribbean Blogger is a source of spontaneous, opinionated imperfectly expressed commentary on real news in the Caribbean and especially Trinidad and Tobago.

As far as the news is concerned, the Caribbean Blogger is like the main stream news, I choose what is shared. If you are interested in some other topics. Make a request, it will be mentioned here.  The following are the issues that concern the people I know now.

Trinidad and Tobago is in Recession!

The other shoe has just dropped.  The Central Bank Governor announced yesterday, December 3rd 2015 that we are officially economically strapped. The primary reason given was the depressed oil market. 

This was announced just as the newly installed government is about to make a motion in parliament to raise the nation’s debt ceiling to $50 Billion dollars.  

According to the new government, this is a direct result of the last government borrowing up to 98 percent of the previous debt ceiling. The present Opposition is intent on not supporting this measure.

The last major recession was in 1986, the first signs that we were in trouble was the rationing of foreign exchange which we know is happening now.  The next sign is large national and private companies start retrenching workers, offering early retirement and putting a freeze on hiring.  From there, we will see how fast things trickle down. Read article here

There Are No Assets to Seize

It was shocking to read the headline story that the present Attorney General was delighted to have obtained a verdict from the high court to seize the asset of the only citizen convicted by the US government on “terrorism” charges.  

Although many locals feel that he was railroaded, he is now serving a life sentence in a US jail. 

Unless the government is trying to put things in place to address the treat of the number of locals joining ISIS, it was a waste tax payer’s resources.  A cursory asset search would have determined what assets existed before doing the legal pappy show.  

The man is serving a life sentence, there are no assets so why all the interests?  

People think that resources would have been better spent going after low hanging fruits.  People who live here, people who have committed crimes in public office.  Are we looking at another Calder Hart scenario?

Piarco Airport Authorities Capitulate on Wintery Christmas

Scrolling on Facebook last week I saw a post by my real friend, Errol Fabien, he took strong objection to the Christmas display at Piarco Airport.  

The pictures he shared were of a wintery scene, snowflake with a cabin all covered in snow.  Exactly what the diaspora and any foreign visitor is trying to escape.  That post definitely had to be shared.

It was such a pleasure to read in the daily newspaper that the authorities decided to remove it.  It is unfortunate that so much was spent on creating the display but some in charge made a big mistake. Rack up one victory for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and social media. Big up and thanks to Errol for initiating this protest and bringing it to our attention.

Jack Warner Loses more Credibility

Jack is at it again.  He published a front page article saying that a US senator had written a letter demanding that the former PM be extradited to face money laundering charges.  

The article showed a picture of the letter and went on to say that she was in cahoots with a Mr. Webb,
the recent FIFA executive who pleaded guilty in the US to accepting bribes.

The next day, the dailies published an article saying that the senator was contacted and he denied ever writing the letter.  He did not yet decide what he will do with it but what can be sure is that it is another feather in Jack’s cap. In a post interview on television, Jack intimated that the letter may be still credible. 

My question is why do something like this, what was to be gained from it?  The only man who knows is not talking.

That’s it folks

Thinking about a post on the two tier medical care system that exist in T&T.  The existing system guarantees that poor citizens will die waiting for medical attention.  Coming soon.  Choose one or more of the options on the sidebar and join this blog to be notified of new posts.  

Thanks for reading.

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