Thursday, November 19, 2015

3 Hottest Trending News Reports in Trinidad and Tobago

News From the Inside

Football Match Trinidad and Tobago Vs US

The TT Warriors Faced Off In a World Cup Qualifier

The results was TT – 0 US -0 the match was a draw giving TT one point towards qualifying for the World Cup.  

The real news here is not the match but the way the TT citizens behaved to see the match.  

When there is a chance Trinbagoians will take advantage of it.  The Trinidad Express headline article today say it all.  It all happened because of “Slack Security”.  Hundreds Storm Stadium

UNC Internal General Elections

It is time for the UNC to elect a political leader.  Everyone agrees that the party needs to rebuild itself after the predictable lost at the polls.  The second in command in the party, the former leader of the Government in Parliament, Dr. Roodal Moonilal, is contesting the seat.  The most recent contender,
Mr. Vasant Barath has also thrown his hat in the ring. 

Word on the street is that all three Mrs. Bissassar, Mr. Moonilal and Mr. Barath are not desirable candidates.  They were all part of the last government and are privy to, if not directly involved in the going on there.  Most people believe for the UNC to stand a fighting chance in the next election they need to change the leadership.  Silently, people are wishing that someone like Makayla Panday should take the helm bring in new blood and a totally new perspective to the party. 

The former PM Basdeo Panday has declared that the internal elections will be rigged, just like the one where he was ousted.  He said that Makayla is her own boss and could decide on entering but he would advise against it.  His proof of the potential election rigging is that the UNC have never published its voter list. 

Now the incumbent leader, Mrs. Bissassar just declared that a list will be provided to each of the slates in the elections.  A bit late but it does nullify Mr. Panday’s evidence. 

Justice Will Be Served

Another young life has become a victim to crime.  

Ok before you start stereotyping Trinidad and Tobago as crime infested islands, think again.  We do get our fair share of crime but there are many safe spots and areas in Trinidad and Tobago where crime is an anomaly.  There are places where you can go to work leaving your doors open or where doors are never locked.  Of course, I can’t tell you where that happens for obvious reasons.  

Here is what is being reported about this particular crime. Little Keyra was sleeping on a bed with her family when shots rang out.  Gunmen started shooting at the house and a bullet struck her in the abdomen. 

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